Why designers are bringing lilac into their bathrooms


WGSN trend forecasters tagged “digital lavender‘ as the color of the year for 2023, but its soothing and versatile hues are set to shape trends beyond the catwalks.

Designers have associated the resurgence of color in the bathroom with this uplifting hue, causing a welcome change from the constraints of white and neutral designs that previously dominated bathroom color ideas and trends.

This soothing yet energizing tone works in any room of the house, but no more so than your bathroom – and the experts agree. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming color trend (opens in a new tab) it will change the way you use your bathrooms in the long run.

Lilac bathroom

(Image credit: CP Hart)

“Lilac and purple hues are a huge color trend this year, with fresh, vibrant tones that get us in the summer mood,” says Yousef Mansuri, design director at CP Hart. (opens in a new tab). Alongside renewed interest in Digital Lavender, the designer suggests lilac is trending due to its association with Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, which continues to fuel interior design trends after the end of the celebrations.

Lilac bathroom

(Image credit: CP Hart)

But what makes the lampshade so suitable for bathrooms? Designer and Founder of Interior Kollection (opens in a new tab) Sanel Konyar suggests that it is its association with ‘growth and renewed energy’ that is sought after in a bathroom.

“Lilac is a refreshing interior color often associated with nature, spring and summer,” says Sandel. “Embodying the promise of a new season, growth, renewed energy and the prospect of the future all contribute to its positive inner impact.”

How to style lilac in the bathroom

Lilac bathroom

(Image credit: CP Hart)

1. Pair it with neutral shades

“In a bathroom, lilac can be used in tiling, furniture, wallpaper, or simply with additional accessories, best paired with whites, grays, or pops of black,” Yousef says.

Sanel agrees that lilac works best with neutrals and pastels, adding that you should “avoid bright primary colors and head for lily pinks, soft grays and purple hues.”

“Lilac covers a range of shades, so choosing accessories for your home that embrace a selection of lilac tones in every room can complement a room and style the hues for something more comfortable and room-worthy,” adds- he.

2. Play with lilac in different lights

Lilac bathroom

(Image credit: CP Hart)

“As with any interior color choice, light can affect the mood of the room. If you are choosing a color combination for your walls, always paint a section of the wall and when dry see how the light in the room adapts to it,” explains Sanel.

If you’re not sure lilac will work with your bathroom light, you can always experiment with the color by adding accents, such as through tiles or upholstery, including bath rugs or some napkins.

While lilac may be trending right now, experts suggest this color is a safe investment for many seasons to come. The only question left is how to make it work best in your space.


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