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Have you always wondered how Ikea comes up with its furniture names? – Photo Shutterstock via ETX Studio

STOCKHOLM, December 7 – Have you ever wondered how Ikea invented its original and often unpronounceable furniture names?

The Swedish tourist board has launched a campaign that humorously reveals the source of their origin, which might come as a surprise.

Bodviken, Skärhamn, Kallax. These unpronounceable names are now familiar to many of us thanks to the Ikea catalog.

And when it comes to naming its products, it seems the Swedish furniture brand, founded in 1943, took inspiration from its home country, Sweden.

While many people have long believed names to be literal translations – like Kallax for shelf or Höljes for lampshade – this is not the case. The furniture giant has, in fact, borrowed place names.

‘Just one more Ikea toilet brush ”

Swedish tourist office (Visit Sweden) reveals it all in a campaign featuring 21 destinations that have lent their name to the items in the Ikea catalog.

Thus, we discover that “Bolmen” is “more than an Ikea toilet brush”, that “Järvfjället” is “more than an Ikea gaming chair”, that “Bodviken” is “more than an Ikea countertop sink. Or that “Laxviken” is “more than an Ikea door front”.

Each of the destinations is accompanied by a brief description. Kallax, for example, “is located in Swedish Lapland, just outside the town of Luleå. Located by the sea, this little corner is famous for its very fragrant fermented herring (called ‘surströmming’ in Swedish). Every year in August, Kallax hosts a Fermented Herring Party where VIP guests and locals celebrate together.

The website also discusses Sweden’s passion for design, from kit furniture to minimalist tone-on-tone interiors, from sustainable and innovative architecture to traditional craftsmanship.

It also suggests many sights and places of interest, like Artipelag in Stockholm. – ETX Studio

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