Ukrainian shelter in the old hotel in Venice, destroyed paradise


House of Ukrainians in the old hotel in Venice

An April 4 letter offered a way to help the refugees (“Ukrainians could stay in snowbird houses”). Here is an alternative suggestion.

For nine years, the West Beach Resort Hotel, on Venice’s Avenida del Circo, sat vacant and neglected. Put this facility into operation to accommodate those in need.

Local businesses could donate materials for community volunteers to use to make necessary repairs.

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Having driven by this facility many times I am confident there is ample space to provide temporary accommodation. Having once served as a hotel, each room would be equipped with a bathroom. Some rooms can be interconnected or can be modified to meet the needs of larger families.

Still other rooms could be converted into common areas (playroom/playroom, classroom, etc.).

Residents could use the existing kitchen to prepare communal meals or groups of concerned citizens could band together to provide food. Proximity to the airport is another advantage, allowing volunteer pilots of smaller planes to help with relocation.

Recent fundraising campaigns show a surge of support, but more can be done. The presently abandoned hotel should be seen as a means of satisfying the basic need for accommodation.

Marilyn Fisher, Venice

Development has destroyed our paradise

My wife and I moved to Sarasota 20 years ago. In the early years, a common greeting was, “Just another beautiful day in heaven.”

Since then, that refrain has all but disappeared, and it’s no secret why it happened – with the existing traffic, noise, and overdevelopment in our community.

It’s no wonder that behind these factors are city planners who have never come across a skyscraper proposal they didn’t like, and city commissioners who rush to approve any development proposal that falls on them.

This is despite the zoning rules that were put in place to keep Sarasota the desirable community that many of us moved here for.

Their common response that “residents who are unhappy can just move out” is both unhelpful and caustic, to say the least. On the contrary, it is the commissioners who should move, preferably to the east coast of Florida, where their aspirations seem to lie. Already enough.

Michael Fradkin, Sarasota

Make everyone feel safe on Legacy Trail

Recent opinions on e-bikes and spandex on the Legacy Trail inspire me to write.

Our cycle paths are a blessing to all cyclists and it is our responsibility to share these paths with a diverse group of cyclists. Not only do we have to be safe around others, but we must ensure that everyone To feel safe or they cannot enjoy the experience.

This responsibility weighs more heavily on experienced cyclists.

When we approach cyclists to pass, we must take into account several factors to make it a safe place. and comfortable event for all:

Do they have a rearview mirror? Are they wearing headphones? Are they stable and holding their line to the right?

Are we going into the wind, which would make our “On your left” warning improbable? If they are unaware of our presence, are we going to surprise them at our current closing speed? Did we say “Thank you” in passing?

Most e-bikes have a design limitation of 25 mph and I haven’t seen any irresponsible behavior from any user. I have seen irresponsible use of spandex.

Finally, everyone looks stupid in a bike helmet, but not wearing one always looks worse. Be safe, be kind and ride with a smile.

Lin Williams, Venice

‘Grooming’: New language of the right

Proponents of right-wing policies have brought a number of words to the fore.

“Critical race theory” was not used in public until Republicans discovered it and called it inappropriate to be taught in schools – never mind that it had never been taught in schools. K-12 schools.

Right-wing hero Viktor Orban, President of Hungary, has said he wants to create an “illiberal” society, or a society based on “Christian freedom”.

But illiberal movements create a “monoculture” where only approved behaviors are acceptable. People engaging in behaviors outside of these approved channels — think LGBTQ and some minorities — are restricted by the government.

These types of policies gained momentum in America when Newt Gingrich took control of the House in 1995 and Fox News was launched in 1996.

It seems fitting that Fox’s main host, Tucker Carlson, spent a week in Hungary promoting Orban’s illiberal policies. Carlson and other Fox personalities have been quoted approvingly on government television in Russia, a very illiberal country.

Now Republicans are telling us to fear “grooming”. There is no grooming. Give us a break.

Kyle Quattlebaum, Sarasota


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