Twitch Streamer Sodapoppin Floods Hotel Room


Several Twitch streamers attend the Twitch Rivals event in Las Vegas, including Sodapoppin who flooded his hotel room while taking a nap.


Innumerable Tic Streamers have flocked to Las Vegas to celebrate a big Twitch Rivals event that has just started. One of the popular streamers joining the Twitch Rivals event is Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris, but he’s already encountered a roadblock.

Twitch has been known to pay the travel costs of popular streamers so that they can attend events like Twitch Rivals and it is no different with Sodapoppin. Due to Twitch paying his bill, Sodapoppin seemed rather remorseful in a clip he recently shared on his Twitter account in which he shows his flooded hotel room. As he explained the situation to his fans, Sodpoppin revealed that water was entering the hotel room from his bathroom where a soaked towel tried unsuccessfully to dry part of the floor.

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Sodapoppin explained to his fans that after a long day of traveling to attend the Twitch event, he took a bath while the hotel bathroom had a deep soaking tub. Sodapoppin expected the tub to take a long time to fill and after turning on the water he fell asleep. Upon awakening, the water had overflowed from the tub and beyond the bathroom into the rest of the hotel room where most of the furniture is located.

As Sodapoppin explained the situation to his followers on Twitter, the Twitch streamer audibly sniffed and appeared guilty. He said Twitch spent a lot of money bringing him to Las Vegas and put him in a really nice hotel room to stay throughout the Twitch event. Due to Sodapoppin’s story of destruction, some fans believe he intentionally flooded the hotel bathroom, but streamer Twitch assured everyone that it was an accident.

“My bad is a big tub. I didn’t think it would fill up so quickly and now it’s just …” Sodapoppin said as he retrieved the only soaked towel in the center of the room. bathroom from his hotel. “Oh my God! It’s my fault, I’m sorry,” Sodapoppin continued. Since Twitch paid Sodapoppin’s travel expenses to attend the Twitch Rivals event, it is currently unclear whether he will have to cover the damage to his hotel room and how much such repairs would cost.

Because Twitch had to discover the flooded hotel room, the clip for Sodapoppin may have been created with the aim of being the first person to let them know. The popular Twitch streamer has yet to confirm how long he napped while the bath was filling, and several members of his audience have questioned why someone is taking a bath before a nap. Several others Tic the streamers also responded to the clip for Sodapoppin with jokes.

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