Tips for cleaning the bathroom while self-isolating during the COVID-19 pandemic: here’s everything you need to keep your toilet germ-free


Thinking about a dirty bathroom can sometimes be too gross and overwhelming. But now that you are home and inevitably going to be spending a lot of time in the bathroom, you really need to keep it clean. But if you’re too lazy or overworked to do this, there are some really simple tips to make your bathroom cleaning process enjoyable. No, we are not asking you to fend for yourself with a scrubber. These simple bathroom cleaning tips will change your life.

Use containers to minimize dust

When you leave all your products on the sink or shelf, do you notice a thin layer of dust? Your bathroom products can also contain allergens besides dirt. Therefore, put all your soaps, round cottons, and skin care items in nice containers to minimize the amount of dust that collects on your items. A tidy house can reduce stress and anxiety, these daily habits will make your home a sanctuary during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep surfaces clean

Whether it’s your bathroom sink or your bathroom floor, you want to make sure all of your surfaces are sparkling clean. The best way to minimize the work is to place a bottle of bathroom cleaner under the sink. Spray everything as soon as you notice a buildup of hair, dust, toothpaste or spills. COVID-19 Lockdown: Cushions are a germ hotspot, here’s how to clean the most neglected areas in your home!

Fight mold on a daily basis

Spray your shower after your bath every day. Make it a daily practice to minimize mold growth and any other funky residue. This will keep you from getting dirty with deep cleaning. Four easy ways to remove stubborn stains from your bathroom fixtures.

Don’t forget the mirror

It’s easy to overlook the mirror with dried water droplets from your facial cleanser, toothpaste stains, or lodged dust. Be sure to wipe down your bathroom mirror daily. It will hardly take you a minute.

Finally, it is essential to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. Keeping an essential oil diffuser on the counter will make you want to visit your restroom.

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