This Mumbai apartment revels in a sense of space as well as privacy


The alignment of thoughts and energies creates a powerful force. It amplifies the output collector. The good becomes better. Better becomes beautiful. Rajiv Khushalani is aware of the power of such synergistic alliances. In fact, he partly attributes the success of Apartment B, a recent project his firm Khushalani Associates completed in Mumbai, to “good clients.” They make good plans. In this case, we were fortunate to have well-travelled, well-read and well-exposed clients with a good taste in art who further enriched our journey in delivering this home,” he says, adding that Having customers with similar tastes is like icing on the cake.

A reclining sofa from Kerf invites you to put your feet up and rest for a while. Sliding glass panels close off the informal living room from the rest of the public area when needed. The central table (from Blue Loft) has a Pallisandro stone top (from Stonex).

The fish project

The clients, a young family of three, had a clear vision for their future home: a minimal, decluttered space with warm tones and clean lines. They needed a welcoming and spacious living space where they could accommodate guests. In addition, at the request of the hostess who is an avid reader, a small library for her collection of books.

An open and closed case

“We wanted to open [the apartment] place it and make it spacious while keeping it warm and cozy,” says Khushalani. Since the nuclear family was small, the design team could consider converting the 2,200 square foot four-bedroom unit into one with three spacious bedrooms, including a master suite with a walk-in closet. One of the rooms has been converted into an informal TV lounge which could be merged seamlessly with the open formal living/dining area when required. During this retailoring exercise, however, a deep beam separating the two features (the living room and the formal living room) presented an unsightly problem. “As a result, we decided to round off the junction of the beams and columns to give a sense of continuity and embed it in the aesthetic, framing the living room from the living space,” explains the designer. Now the living room opens from the corner to integrate with the living room and can be separated from the public area by sliding glass sandwich doors. The separation between the dining room and the living room is accentuated by a sideboard with a curved side.


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