This lavish Toronto home with a royally purple theme is on sale for $3 million


Do you know when you were a kid you had your favorite color? Mine was pink.

For most of us, our favorite color didn’t mean much. Maybe we bought more t-shirts in that color or preferred items in that shade. As you get older, your favorite color has become a simple fun fact.

The same cannot be said for purple people.

Main entrance.

Violet people, for the uninitiated, are people whose whole personality revolves around the color violet. ALL they possess is a variation of purple. They go hard when it comes to purple.

91 Parkmount Road Toronto

A newly renovated basement bedroom.

Now the reason I bring this up is because I found the perfect home for purple people.

91 Parkmount Road Toronto

A surprisingly non-purple bedroom.

Listed for $3,149,999, 91 Parkmount Road is a purple three-bedroom, two-bathroom dream home.

91 Parkmount Road Toronto

The dining room.

The walls are purple, the kitchen cabinets are purple, the stair carpet is purple, the ceiling is purple, the furniture is purple – although I don’t think that comes with the house…

91 Parkmount Road Toronto

A solarium.

But even if you’re not a fan of the color purple, the house is quite spectacular.

91 Parkmount Road Toronto

A desk with built-in shelves.

“This is the finest home/property I have had the privilege of listing in 35 years in the industry,” real estate agent Michael Clarke told blogTO.

91 Parkmount Road Toronto

A view of the main entrance.

The interior of the house reminds me of a trendy restaurant or pub with its tin tile ceiling, exposed brick walls and walnut wood floors.

91 Parkmount Road Toronto

The backyard with the pergola seating area.

According to the listing, the home has undergone nearly a million dollars in renovations and upgrades.

91 Parkmount Road Toronto

The kitchen.

Some areas where this is most noticeable is the designer kitchen which has custom shaker cabinets with leather handles.

91 Parkmount Road Toronto

A painting of a butler in the butler’s pantry.

It also has a walk-in butler pantry.

91 Parkmount Road Toronto

The bathroom on the second level of the house.

The master bathroom on the second floor is equipped with a freestanding Victoria and Albert volcanic clay tub in which you can spend hours lounging.

91 Parkmount Road Toronto

The basement games room.

The basement has been professionally finished with an 8 foot high tin ceiling.

91 Parkmount Road Toronto

The master bedroom with a fireplace.

As with the rest of the house, the bedrooms are spacious and unique.

91 Parkmount Road Toronto

The living room.

The main rooms are large and bathed in natural light.

91 Parkmount Road Toronto

A glimpse of the back yard.

As for the outdoor space, there is a Napoleon outdoor kitchen as well as a lounge area with a fire pit.

91 Parkmount Road Toronto

An office space in the garage of the shed.

And the icing on the cake is that the garage doubles as a studio.

91 Parkmount Road Toronto

The garage.

The only thing missing from this royal purple house is a purple car. Wait… do they even make purple cars?


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