Things to consider when moving out of your parents’ house


You can’t wait to grow up as a kid, and now that the time is right, you have to play the part. Being thrown into adulthood can be a tough transition. There are many firsts that you need to discover and navigate. One of them is to get your own place.

After college, moving out of your parents’ house is probably first on your list. You have just spent four years living independently. So going back to your childhood bedroom and resorting to your old ways may not seem very appealing. But before you leave your parents’ house, there are a few things you need to consider.

Include your parents

Believe it or not, your parents sometimes know what they’re talking about. They have been in your exact shoes before. Sure, you have a generation gap and times have changed since you were old, but the essence of adulthood is still the same.

Include your parents in your moving journey. Sit down together, tell them about your plans and goals, and consider their feedback. You might be surprised to find that they are ready for you to leave the nest and want to help you in any way they can. Make a plan together.

Check your finances

Can you afford to make this move? You need to make sure you are financially stable before you leave home. You’ll need to establish good credit to rent an apartment, and you’ll often need to provide the landlord with first and last month’s rent. If you can’t do any of these things, all is not lost.

Save enough money so that you know you will be able to support yourself before you decide to move. To ease the financial burden, consider finding a roommate. Having a roommate does not mean that you are not independent. It just means you need a little extra help with the bills. Make sure you find a compatible person who you get along with.

Take in-depth guided tours

Before moving, you will probably see many different apartments. It’s part of the process. You never want to say yes to the first place you visit. Treat it like a buffet. You want to sample as many apartments as possible before you choose one in your home.

On these trips, be sure to go through them thoroughly. You want to see every nook and cranny the place has to offer. After seeing between five and ten, narrow your choices down to three. Visit each location during the day and night to get a complete picture of your potential home and neighborhood.

Start evaluating and buying the essentials

You won’t be able to fully furnish your home immediately, but you can at least have the basics. Start looking at the rooms you want in your home and evaluating them. You can start buying kitchen and bathroom essentials now and save other things for later.

Also consider sofas and dining sets, because you need a place to sit and eat. And of course you need a bed. If you don’t want to take the one from your childhood, start searching and saving for a new mattress.

When you leave your parents’ house, you want to be as prepared as possible for adulthood, and if you’ve decided on a place, congratulations on the big step!


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