The durability of your bathroom design | Architecture and design


When designing a home, a lot of effort is put into the look and layout of the bathrooms. While your bathroom is the perfect fit for your lifestyle today, it would be a good idea to consider your future needs and incorporate features that you may need in a few years.

Caroma design experts advise homeowners to think about how the bathroom space can be used in the future and now. For example, if your family is still growing or you are planning to have grandchildren in the future, you will save time, money and hassle down the road by factoring these factors into your bathroom design. right now.

The best tips from Caroma to make your bathroom sustainable:


Space-saving designs for bathrooms often omit the tub from the mix. However, a bathtub can be a great design element in your bathroom and is very useful when there are children or grandchildren involved. A bath is also the perfect place to relax and unwind at home. Plus, a bath adds to the value of a home.

If space is an issue, consider a back-to-wall or freestanding design, instead of a freestanding tub, which typically requires more space.

Double sinks

Sharing the bathroom space with your partner or family doesn’t mean standing in line every morning to use the sink. Double sinks in the master bathroom will save you precious time when everyone is rushing to work and school.

If you have the bedroom, double sinks are also excellent for bathrooms.

Several bathrooms

When building a house, include several bathrooms in the plan. Additional bathrooms come in handy not only for a growing family, but also when you have guests. Very importantly, multiple bathrooms add to the value of your home.

For those who don’t have the space for a second full-size bathroom, consider a powder room as a practical alternative. Usually containing only a toilet and sink, this tiny room could be your savior when someone takes a long bath in the master bathroom.

Treatment bathrooms

When designing a bathroom for someone in need of care due to age or disability, choose from a range of stylish and practical solutions that meet Australian standards. These include an easy-height toilet, lever mixers, shower rails and handrails.

These products are designed with both practicality and design in mind, and many styles can be discreetly installed in existing bathrooms.


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