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SPENCER – The finishing touches are underway for Spencer’s new town hall as it heads to a grand opening in early December.

The new facility occupies 12,000 square feet of space at one end of Park Plaza. The new face of the building section receives its final cosmetic touches with the addition of wood veneer panels. Cleaning crews clean and mop the building to prepare it for employee move-in.

City manager Peter Franzese said furniture for the building is expected to arrive next week.

The building will house the municipal administration and the police service. These operations will be crossed by the council chamber of the city. The building’s glass facade leads into a lobby, with an unobstructed view through a glass wall of the new meeting room, which includes storage spaces, cameras and televisions.

Cylindrical skylights are dotted throughout the building, allowing sunlight to enter the building.

The chief’s office is at the front of the police department, with an office corridor and secure bathroom as well as modern evidence storage areas. Current facilities have odor issues from storing evidence, but the new area has its own room with high-density storage and a separate area for weapons collected as evidence.

Covered parking in front of a secure door also connects to the department.

The other side has a shared space for city staff and offices for the CEO and the mayor, with a break area and full kitchen. Franzese noted that the city will now also have a suitable conference room.

“We have a table sort of in a hallway right now,” he said.

The new facility also has an exercise area accessible to all employees and storage lockers, as well as three showers.

The rest of the space in the building is made up of three distinct rental zones which will be prepared at the discretion of the tenants.

A new underground electrical service connects the building, but the HVAC units already in the building are still working.

Rowan County inspectors were on site Friday, with Fire Inspector Andrew King verifying all life safety requirements in the building. This includes everything from the proper functioning of the doors and exit lights to checking the building’s fire alarm system.

Simulated smoke foggers were released into the air returns to trigger the smoke detectors. They all worked fine.

The city is planning an open house for the New Town Hall on December 3 to kick off its first Winterfest.

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