Revealed: the best bathroom cleaning products


Product tests have found the best – and worst – bathroom cleaning products for removing soap scum.

After testing 18 different products in spray, wipe, liquid and gel, Consumer New Zealand recommends only three products and reveals five low-ranking cleansers.

Top scores were Dettol Power & Pure Bathroom and Oz Kleen Shower Power with 5 stars, and Ecostore Bathroom & Shower Cleaner with 4.5 stars.

At the other end of the scale, Domestos Thick Original Liquid, Easy-off Bam Active Foam Savon Scum & Shower Spray, Exit Mold Spray, White King Power Clean Bathroom Gel and Select Scrub & Wipe Multi-Purpose Wipes received 2 stars. .

The products were tested for their effectiveness in removing a “special soap scum mixture” baked on white ceramic tiles. Each cleaner was tested on eight tiles, and each tile was scrubbed 20 times with a mechanical washer.

The scum removal rating was given by measuring the light reflection before and after scrubbing.

Malcolm Rands, founder and CEO of ecostore, said the “excellent” results supported changing perceptions about environmentally friendly products.

“There is a lot of prejudice from the past that green products are too expensive and don’t really work and we are totally against that,” he said.

“But now there are a lot of companies looking at herbal chemicals and there is fantastic research going on and we are considered a world leader.”

He said the 4.5-star-rated cleanser only used three ingredients, compared to more than 20 in some of the competing products.

Other cleaning products companies contacted by the Herald did not respond to questions at press time last night.

In addition to the three top-rated cleansers, five sprays and two wipes were worth considering, according to Consumer NZ.

This was the Ajax Professional Ultra bathroom; House brand bath and shower cleaner; Mr Muscle Shower Cleaner; Mr. Muscle 5 in 1 full bathroom; Sparkle for showers; Dettol Scrub ‘n’ Wipe Citrus Wipes and Viva Shower Fast Wipes.

Overall, bleach products have been discouraged.

“Bleach is not the best way to get rid of mold, which feeds on soap scum, because it can discolor mold at lower bleach concentrations. that it did the job when it didn’t, ”the report says.

In addition to commercial products, a mixture of baking soda sprinkled on soap scum and then sprinkled with undiluted vinegar received a 3-star rating – the same score as three cleaners.

“That’s probably all that’s needed to keep most bathrooms clean. Plus, there’s the added benefit that the vinegar kills mold and its spores.”


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