Renovated Queen Village Trinity Home for Sale



Not only does this trinity have a lot of charm, but it has something even more appealing: an affordable price.

You will enjoy the peace and quiet in the intimate alley that contains this beautifully renovated trinity at 506-B Clymer St., Philadelphia, PA 19147. You will also have money left over to enjoy all the good things that are there. surround after you have paid your mortgage. | Bright MLS images via Elfant Wissahickon Realtors

Future first-time buyers are all asking this question: is it better for us to buy or rent?

The answers vary as much as potential buyers do, and they aren’t necessarily straightforward. For some, the possibility of creating wealth may take a back seat to the desire not to have to worry about maintenance. For others, it may be the amount they should pay for a home they want that keeps them away from buying.

This remodeled Queen Village Trinitarian home for sale has none of these potential pitfalls except the maintenance one. But since this charmer of one of these Eurostyle pedestrian paths has had a facelift very recently, you’ll have plenty of time to put money aside for repairs when the need arises.

And you’ll also have some money to put aside, because, as the listing for this home notes, “You couldn’t rent that sweet two-bedroom trinity for what your monthly mortgage payment will be.”

And for less than $ 1,200 per month (assuming the usual down payment and financing), you’ll get a really nice home in great condition.

house for sale renovated queen village trinity living room


It is a pure trinity with its kitchen in the basement. The living room on the ground floor has a working fireplace, built-in shelving behind a door and a hatch that will allow you to hoist appliances to or to the kitchen.



But again, since these devices are brand new, you won’t need to use them for a while.

house for sale renovated queen village trinity kitchen


The kitchen-dining room has butcher block counters and lighting under the cabinets. It also contains the laundry room of the house.

master bedroom

Master bedroom

Getting the rest of your furniture in and out of this trinity will be easier than usual as the original spiral staircase has been replaced with an open metal staircase. This means that you should be able to transport your mattress and bed frame room by room to the master bedroom on the top floor.

second floor bedroom

Second floor bedroom

The second floor contains a second bedroom which makes an excellent home office.



You will also find the nicely redone bathroom on this floor.

alley view

View on alley; this house is on the left at the back

This renovated Queen Village Trinitarian home for sale has no attached outdoor space, but with lots of greenery and outdoor space nearby, that shouldn’t be a problem. Cianfrani Park is just two blocks west of here, Palumbo Park is about the same distance southwest, and Weccacoe Playground is three blocks south – is. Several other parks and playgrounds and the Delaware Riverfront are also within walking distance.

So do some great dining and shopping options. These include South Street, Head House Square, the restaurants around Bainbridge Green, and the shops along Fabric Row. You are also close to the Italian market and two supermarkets on 10th and south streets.

Combine all the creature comforts that this trinity has to offer with everything around it and its selling price becomes even cheaper. The answer to the question “Rent or buy?” Should therefore be obvious.



SPA: 1


SELLING PRICE: $ 249,000

506-B Clymer St., Philadelphia, PA 19147 [Benjamin M. Camp | Elfant Wissahickon Realtors]


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