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Just steps from architectural icons such as the Flatiron Building and the High Line, the 374-key Motto New York is housed inside a 42-story structure by Stonehill Taylor, the New York-based company that also designed the interiors of the hotel.

The setting in a former theater district and current arts district inspired the use of unique art installations and dramatic arches in public spaces and guest rooms at The Motto New York. However, it was the venue’s 24th Street address that acted as the design’s main muse, as Stonehill Taylor used the number 24 and its meaning in different contexts as a spark for the color palette, furniture , finishes and works of art of the hotel.

Image credit: Motto by Hilton / Joe Thomas

The “24” design concept is highlighted by means of three unique design pillars. The first, the 24 hours of a day, is inspired by the passage of time, the sun, the moon and the contrast between light and dark. In military time, 2,400 signifies the hour of midnight, which the firm has woven into the hotel with accents of deep midnight blue. The second 24-ism refers to metals, specifically 24-karat gold and chromium, the 24th element in the periodic table. The Stonehill Taylor team has incorporated these finishes in a unique yet consistent way in fixtures, casework and artwork. For the third and final concept, the designers turned to 24-bit color, a way to digitally produce color in its most authentic form, resulting in concentrated moments of carefully selected vibrant jewel tones throughout. the hotel.

Stepping inside, you are greeted by multicolored panels suspended in a kaleidoscopic ceiling installation. A jewel-tinted stained glass screen, inspired by the phases of the moon, provides a vibrant backdrop to a clean-lined reception desk. Upon entering the dining area, gold and midnight blue elements define the space in a sky-lit F&B space located along the eastern edge of the ground floor. Gold velvet-covered chairs line walnut tables, and backlit velvet and leather banquettes in midnight hues adjoin the walls. Located in the center of the ground floor is a dramatically sunken conversation pit day or night for working or lounging near the main bar. A suspended lighting installation of glowing multicolored glass globes ascends its way through the feature brass staircase to the second floor living room, where an oversized mixed metal wall sculpture welcomes guests to the upper level of the staircase. There, a well-appointed living room sits with welcoming and elegant furnishings on jewel-toned rugs and a bar with a midnight blue mosaic wall, softly lit by gleaming brass and chrome mirrors. All of these clearly present different aspects of the design narrative.

An understated yet distinctive design scheme characterizes the rooms. These compact but smartly appointed spaces feature furnishings that make maximum use of the available space. Platform beds have tufted headboards in a light blue to midnight blue shade, along with built-in storage. Blocks of contrasting midnight blue and white colors appear on the tiled bathroom walls, showcasing the brass and chrome light fixtures. In the rooms and hallways, the designers have carefully selected a selection of artworks reminiscent of the urban elements of New York, whether through colorful graphics or striking photographs. Bedroom hallway wall coverings continue the contrasting blue and white concept with a carpet design that explodes into a prism of color. In addition to the traditional king and double rooms, the Chelsea Motto offers a unique three-bay plan, which includes a “king bunkie” option – a king bed with a twin bed above.

From the striking Motto green entrance doors to the lobby, public areas and finally to the guest rooms, the story behind the design concept has been considered at every step and in every detail. Finishes, fixtures and fittings are all part of a cohesive project that reflects the neighborhood that is home to the newest addition to the Motto by Hilton brand.

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Main image credit: Motto by Hilton/ Joe Thomas


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