Mom was called ‘disgusting’ after suggesting new bathroom cleaning idea


People are horrified by the idea of ​​mom, and many can’t believe she would even consider it

People were shocked at his suggestion

A mom’s idea of ​​cleaning her toilet brush has been called “disgusting” and “disgusting” by other parents.

The woman is fed up with throwing away plastic, so she was trying to find a way to reuse her toilet brush.

But her idea of ​​putting it in the dishwasher didn’t go well, and many people were shocked that she even thought about it, reports the Liverpool Echo.

She shared the idea on Mumsnet, writing, “Would it be absolutely disgusting to put the toilet brushes in the dishwasher on their own, on hot, followed by a hot wash on empty ?? !!! ”

Of course, most people weren’t impressed with the idea.

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One of them wrote: “I have no idea but I wouldn’t. Tiny particles of feces are trickling around my dishes.

Another added: “Yes, I agree to reuse as much as possible. But putting toilet brushes in the dishwasher is rude and not very efficient as you would use up a huge amount of water. A bucket of hot water is a good idea! “

One mom simply commented, “It’s disgusting.

Another replied: “Jesus Christ, why ???? your thought is here ?! “

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Should I put my toilet brush in the dishwasher?


But a few agreed with the idea, with a comment: “Of course I’m fine! The temperature of the dishwasher is set to kill all the bugs. I wouldn’t and I wouldn’t even do a wash. hot after. “

Others simply suggested that she shouldn’t worry about the plastic in this case and just buy a replacement.

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