Merlgen: Cabinets that match every bathroom design


Merlgen: Cabinets that complement every bathroom design (Photo provided)

Merlgen: Cabinets that complement every bathroom design (Photo provided)

Merlgen: Cabinets that complement every bathroom design (Photo provided)

Merlgen: Cabinets that complement every bathroom design (Photo provided)

Merlgen: Cabinets that complement every bathroom design (Photo provided)

IF someone says the bathroom is the most important room in the house, do you agree? Give it a second though, it might make you nod your head.

The bathroom is where you start and end the day, and an escape zone to seek solitude or a good hiding place. Believe it or not, the shower is the place where inspiration strikes and the perfect place to unwind. How long do you use this room per day?

In the design of houses, the bathroom does not receive as much attention, which it should not be. It is one of the most used pieces in any home. Did you know that the guests of the house can judge you by the appearance of this room?

“The golden rules of bathroom design are proper ventilation, plenty of natural light paired with cheerful lighting and attention to detail. When we talk about details, it means that all dates should be consistent, they should have a conscious theme and space. Then the rest will fall into place: the color, the tile layout, the fixtures and the right cabinetry, ”said Honeylet Lim, director of Merlgen Euro Designs.

Cabinetmaking plays an important role in the success of bathroom design. Here are some Merlgen tips that can help you achieve a dream bathroom.

  1. Maximize storage space. A good cabinet date can maximize a given space, no matter the size. Knowing what to store and offering a well-planned storage solution is essential. The spaces behind the wall mirror, under the toilet and above the light fixtures can be used. Designate which spaces will store your necessities. A space without clutter will create a quiet space.

  2. Function rather than form: choose the right cabinet size. It must be proportional to the overall space. Know your essentials and create enough storage space for them to be easily accessible. Your bathroom should have an aura of space, no matter how small. You don’t want to bump into anything when moving around the bathroom

  3. The right color will make or destroy your total look. Remember you are working on a theme. A sleek gray tone will look great in a modern bathroom, or go bold with a black and white contrast; the dark wood finish will complement Mid-Century and vintage looks; a pale tone of wood finish will make a successful shabby chic lens; and shiny white cabinets in a white bathroom will look heavenly!

Ultimately, a bathroom should be a calm and relaxing space. It should be comfortable with enough space to move around. It must be functional. But don’t forget that you can achieve beauty with function.

For your bathroom design and cabinetry, in-house designers at Merlgen Euro Designs can help you create a new look or upgrade your current bathroom. (RP)


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