Make a practical but elegant small bathroom


Designing a small bathroom isn’t easy, while creating a chic and functional small bathroom space will change your definition of difficult. If you have searched online, you might find many suggestions such as “add a big mirrorbring in greenery, use playful tiles, avoid dark colors or be creative storage. These are all great tips, but today we want to focus on how to design around the wet area in your bathroom.

A full bathroom needs a place for the shower, and that usually takes up the majority of the space in your bathroom. Therefore, we will present your three approaches to integrate the design of this area and make your small bathroom practical and elegant.

Opt for the shower room instead of the bathtub

Unlike the bathtub which is used to having a standard size, the shower room is fully customizable. They can take up half the space of a bathtub. And to make the room airy, you can choose to use a glass door or even no door for an open feel.

Custom bathtub or freestanding bathtub

If you really like soaking in water, then you need to think smart about the tub. Freestanding bathtubs win hands down on most occasions for the striking visual impact they offer! They do not require an additional frame to be integrated, which saves time and money. But sometimes, due to the shape of your room or your personal aesthetic, the freestanding bathtub is not a choice. Then using a custom shaped sunken tub is the way to go.

Integrate storage into your shower space

It doesn’t matter if you want to have custom storage in addition to your tub or have floating cabinets in your shower room, just get creative with built-in storage. If there is no storage space on the floor, opt for floating furniture. And if you have the luxury of spending the money on custom built-in storage, even better.


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