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The line between pendants and chandeliers begins to blur, but if there are drops and strands of crystals, there can be no dispute. If a freestanding tub is the focal point of your bathroom, a delicate crystal chandelier will add elegance.

The ceiling is the fifth wall of a room. If beautiful exposed wooden beams adorn its lines, they must be highlighted. The wooden beams feel relaxed with wall sconces that focus the light, but can be made glamorous by using small lights recessed between the beams in combination with pendants and chandeliers.

Elevate a casual dining room into a sophisticated dining experience with an oversized crystal chandelier. Because they are so light and reflective, crystal chandeliers make a great style statement without feeling heavy.

Open floor plans are available, so use small basins of light to add depth to your room and draw people to different spaces within this open plan. Airy minimalist chandeliers are all the rage, also lending themselves to the open feel of any room.

When lighting a room, refuse traditional measurement strategies for sizing a chandelier or pendant and go big.

Justin Krug, Adobe Stock

Ways to impress

Enhance the visual drama in your home by using light for attention. But first, consider the aesthetics of each room – a stone fireplace, a marble countertop, a tiled wall. The more features you can accentuate in your home, the better.

In the living room, use track lighting to accent an art collection or a row of small recessed recessed spotlights to highlight a textured wall. Use strip lighting above built-in cabinets or shelves. Perhaps it is the light fixture itself that is the work of art you want to showcase. Sculptural light fixtures are all the rage but also have the timeless nature of all great art.


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