Leeds public toilets crowned UK’s cleanest as worst toilets revealed


Public restrooms have always been a bit of a gamble. When they are taken aback, you never really know what state they will be in.

In some parts of the country, public restrooms are a germaphobe’s nightmare; scrawled with graffiti, sticky wet floors and toilet bowls filled with unspeakable substances. Yet in other areas they’re spotless – without even a smattering of toilet paper in sight.

According to a new study by bathroom experts AQVALeeds falls into the latter category and has some of the cleanest public toilets in the whole of the UK!

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Rankings are based on the number of complaints received by local councils about the state of public toilets in their area. The area that topped the list with the most sinister toilets in the whole of the UK was the seaside destination of Blackpool – with a total of 39 official complaints in 2021.

Now, admittedly, a total of 39 doesn’t seem so astronomical overall, especially as the city sees foot traffic to the tune of 18 million visitors a year – but that’s largely down to so few people filing formal complaints.

In a recent article by The Metro, local resident Kevin Merchant said: “Public toilets are generally in good condition here in Blackpool, but to be honest it would take an army to clean them all.

“In the summer, when all the tourists are around, I usually just sneak into a pub to use their toilets rather than brave the stench of the public toilets.”

Yet, by contrast, only four locations in the UK had received 0 complaints, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds and Portsmouth. However, one Leeds resident was not entirely convinced the results were accurate.

Louise Allen, who lives in the city, said: “I don’t know if I can believe this. There’s a reason most of us don’t use them! It’s an obstacle course that just tries to dodge puddles, not to mention anything else. I think most people don’t complain because they don’t want to admit they had to use them.

A spokesperson for AQVA said: “While it is essential to keep our toilets clean at home, we also expect the toilets where we spend a penny in public to be clean as well. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. »

The dirtiest public toilets in the UK:

  1. Blackpool: 39
  2. Bristol: 19
  3. Swansea: 18
  4. Cambridge: 12
  5. Brighton: 11
  6. Bath: 9
  7. Plymouth: 9
  8. Cardiff: 8
  9. Derby: 8
  10. Worcestershire: 7

The cleanest:

  1. Glasgow: 0
  2. Hull: 0
  3. Leeds: 0
  4. Portsmouth: 0
  5. Stroke: 1
  6. Coventry: 2
  7. Sunderland: 3
  8. Oxford: 3
  9. Nottingham: 3
  10. Chelsea: 4


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