ISH: Hygiene is the hottest word in today’s bathroom design


In this historic period of a global pandemic, hygiene control is at an all time high. Despite a nationwide lockdown, ISH Digital debuted in Frankfurt this week, and the first digital edition of the world’s leading air conditioning and water systems exhibition showcases new products and innovations in water and water. energy until March 26. a significantly increased demand for hygiene solutions for the bathroom. The good news: The bathroom is one of the easiest places to achieve a high standard of cleanliness.

“When it comes to hygiene, there is no need to reinvent the bathroom,” says Jens Wischmann, Managing Director of DWA – the German association for water, wastewater and waste. “The bathroom is actually one of the cleanest rooms in any home thanks to the modern surfaces and products that are standard these days.

From contactless to particularly easy to clean, ArchiExpo e-Magazine highlights four new features here. And since most of us are locked away at home, there’s even a roomy tub designed for two.

Villeroy & Boch sensor-controlled contactless rinsing system A200

Stylish contactless flushing is also possible in a residential environment with the sensor-controlled contactless flushing system A200 from Villeroy & Boch. Designed to work with the manufacturer’s ViConnect series of toilet fixtures, the system activates with a flick of the hand near the sensor – or, without a wave, automatically flushes the toilet. Stainless steel and glass ViConnect flush plates are suitable for ceramic wall-mounted toilets and for plasterboard or brick constructions from Villeroy & Boch.

Photo courtesy of Villeroy & Boch.

Ming washbasin by Kaldewei

Hygienic, durable and 100% recyclable, enamelled steel is increasingly the material of choice in the bathroom. A nod to Asian minimalism, the Kaldewei enamelled steel Ming washbasin is available in four soothing colors: matte lava black, black, glossy alpine white and matte alpine white.

Courtesy of Kaldewei

Hansgrohe Varnish Blend E Electronic Faucet

Suitable for public bathrooms, the Hansgrohe Vernis Blend E electronic faucet is contactless and sensor-activated in complete safety, thanks to a sensor integrated on its hose.

Courtesy of Hansgrohe

BetteSelect Duo Tub by Bette

Almost everyone is at home, so now is the best time to take a bath – at least according to Bette. The bathroom maker’s new BetteSelect Duo tub fits two comfortably in a sculptural form crafted from easy-to-clean enameled titanium steel, a material that is also impact, scratch and chemical resistant ( think of nail polish). With an interior geometry following the shape of a trapezoid, the bathtub allows ergonomic rear slopes on two sides. Even the long-legged briefs are directly inserted – the larger of the two sizes stretches 180 centimeters long. See featured image.

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