infrastructure money is heading to South Carolina


Funding comes from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Direct Loans and Community Facilities Grants program to fund emergency services, food security

COLUMBIA, SC – More money for infrastructure is pouring into South Carolina from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), this time to help fund emergency services and tackle food insecurity statewide .

  • Calhoun County: $ 50,000 to purchase equipment to upgrade the John Ford Community Center in St. Matthews, South Carolina.
  • Town of Walterboro: $ 49,900 to replace two aging patrol cars for law enforcement. It will also contain the latest equipment, including a laptop, software, radios, lights, sirens and a camera system that record traffic in different directions.
  • Town of Walterboro: $ 49,800 for the purchase of a backhoe loader. This purchase will replace aging equipment with new, more energy efficient equipment.
  • Town of Lake View: $ 50,000 for the purchase of a garbage truck for the Sanitation Department.
  • Town of Dillon: $ 17,000 to purchase a drone for the Town of Dillon Law Enforcement Department.
  • City of Lake City: $ 50,000 to purchase garbage truck for sanitation service
  • City of Lake City: $ 49,900 to purchase a garbage truck for the sanitation department.
  • Hampton County: $ 18,500 to replace console furniture and carpet tiles at the county dispatch center. The furniture and flooring currently in the facility have aged considerably and have created tripping hazards.
  • Pee Dee Math, Science & Technology Academy: $ 2,749,000 (loan) and $ 100,000 (grant) to construct an approximately 11,000 square foot building adjacent to the academy’s existing campus. This expansion will help the academy manage the increase in its enrollment, staff and provide the necessary accommodation such as a library, technical room and art room for students. Currently, teachers do not have workspace for planning periods and must teach in shared offices or classrooms.
  • Samaritan House: $ 17,410 to purchase furniture, fixtures and equipment to meet South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) requirements.
  • Samaritan House: $ 25,690 to purchase furniture, fixtures and equipment to meet South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) requirements, including disposal of mold. It will also allow the organization to upgrade its fire protection and telephone system. Emergency medical services
  • Williamsburg County: $ 28,200 for the purchase of five 10×16 office trailers for Williamsburg County waste management sites. The trailers would be hurricane certified, include a bathroom, and provide much-needed space to store supplies and equipment for each site.
  • Williamsburg County: $ 49,800 for the purchase of a 40×60 office building for the Williamsburg County waste management landfill.
  • Williamsburg County: $ 49,900 to buy trash compactor
  • Williamsburg County: $ 50,000 to purchase trash compactor
  • Vital Aging if Williamsburg County Inc: $ 34,900 to replace roof and HVAC repairs at Vital Aging Kingstree Wellness Center
  • Williamsburg County: $ 18,000 to purchase a trash compactor.
  • Williamsburg County Disability and Special Needs: $ 47,900 to purchase furniture, office supplies and lawn equipment to fulfill contracts in the county.
  • Marion County: $ 100,000 (grant) and $ 120,000 (loan) to renovate the county administration building. The upgrades will include an upgraded HVAC system, parking lot repairs and a conference room. This will allow the county to take advantage of the existing space to accommodate economic development staff who are currently housed in another building and have all county administrative operations in one facility.
  • Town of Walterboro: $ 50,000 to replace an old fire truck for the fire department. This new fire pump is capable of pumping 1250 gallons per minute, which is essential in an emergency. It will also contain the latest firefighting equipment including new self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), hose, thermal camera, generator, flashlights and other hand tools used for firefighting activities. fires.


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