I’m an organization expert – my 2 bathroom cleaning tips mean you’ll NEVER scrub the tub or faucets again


MANY of us have put off the tedious task of deep cleaning our homes.

Tackling small details, such as shower floors and faucet handles, seems boring and time-consuming.


Cleaning expert Carolina McCauley revealed three simple tipsCredit: TikTok/carolina.mccauley
The first was about your bed skills


The first was about your bed skillsCredit: TikTok/carolina.mccauley

Organizing expert and influencer Carolina McCauley, who goes through @carolina.mccauley on TikTok, has attracted more than 2.6 million users with his quick tips on how to keep a spotless home.

In a recent video, she said it was important to clean “smarter not harder”.

Carolina revealed her three favorite easy cleaning hacks.


His first piece of advice was about making the bed.

We all love the feeling of stepping into a bed with clean, tightly pulled sheets.

Carolina said you can get that hotel feel by buying a mattress lifter, which is $10 on Amazon.

“You can make your bed without heavy lifting.”


Sometimes we neglect to clean our shower floors until they are visibly dirty due to the amount of effort it apparently takes.

But Carolina said it’s important to tackle that surface regularly — and it’s not as difficult as you might think.

“Use shaving cream to clean your tub,” she said, spraying shaving cream on the floor.

“It will be shiny and smell amazing.”


Carolina’s third and final tip was about hard water stains around your faucet handles.

Instead of intensely scrubbing this area until you remove the crust, soak cleaning rags in vinegar and wrap them around the handles.

After a few minutes, remove the cloths and you will see the shiny surface.

Viewers were grateful for the tips:

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“Last one!!! I have SO much STRUGGLE with these,” one person wrote.

“That’s the kind of advice I need!!! Trying to keep up with daily cleaning. I have clutter/disorganization,” another added.

She said vinegar and a washcloth would do for dirty tap handles


She said vinegar and a washcloth would do for dirty tap handlesCredit: TikTok/carolina.mccauley

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