How to use a magic eraser to remove marks


Understanding how to use a magic eraser isn’t difficult, and once you become aware of all the many different uses this smart household item can have, it will become an absolute staple.

A magic eraser is basically a white, specially designed sponge with a certain foam that can be particularly useful in removing stubborn stains from almost anything, be it furniture, your floors, and even (some) clothing. The cleaning process itself only requires a little water and a little bit of scrubbing (no chemicals or soap needed), which makes a magic eraser a great way to spruce up all kinds of beauty. ‘objects in your home.

It can be used as part of your kitchen cleaning routine, bathroom cleaning routine, and even as a factor in your general home maintenance schedule. And because no harsh chemicals are required to learn how to use a magic eraser, it can also be safely used in more sensitive areas, such as children’s rooms or pet areas. So how do you use it exactly? Our guide explains the many ways this miracle product can benefit you.

What is a magic eraser?

You might be wondering how and why a magic eraser is different from a regular sponge, but it’s actually quite different. All Magic Eraser sponges contain melamine foam. On a microscopic level, when wet, this foam has a hard, super fine, sandpaper-like texture making it a very good abrasive cleaning tool.

This makes it especially useful for cleaning jobs where your regular wipes or tea towels just won’t cut it.

And, just because it’s an abrasive cleaning item doesn’t mean a magic eraser can’t be used to clean more fragile items as well, as you’ll find out below.

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How to use a magic eraser

The basics of using a magic eraser can be found on the packaging, but knowing all of the many different uses for your magic eraser can transform your cleaning routine and the way you look at stains for good.

1. Remove carpet stains

When it comes to removing stains from a carpet, you might find that you have stubborn marks, such as mud or wine, that are difficult to remove with regular carpet cleaners. In this case, a magic eraser can really make a difference.

Gently wipe the stain, ironing it as many times as needed, with a damp magic eraser until it is gone. It is advisable to test the Magic Eraser on a specific, smaller section of your carpet first, to make sure it does not damage the material. If in doubt, check with the manufacturer of your carpet to find out what tools can and cannot be used on it.

2. Refresh the coulis

Grout is one of the most difficult surfaces to treat in your home, and it’s one of the trickiest steps when it comes to cleaning a bathroom or kitchen for a shine. This is because grout can quickly get dirty and discolored between tiles, where dirt quickly accumulates. It is not easy to know how to clean the grout because the dirt often does not wash off. This is where the magic eraser comes in.

For a clean grouting again, you can use a moistened magic eraser. To do this, rub gently using circular motions for best results. Make sure not to rub too hard, so as not to break the surface fibers of the grout.

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3. Clean glassware

You might not imagine that a magic eraser would be useful for cleaning glassware, but it can actually really help remove stubborn smudges and stains, to make your glasses, plates, and ornaments look like new.

Start by wetting one or both sides of the sponge with water. Gently rub in circular motions on the dirty spots until they come off. Then wash the glass well with soap and water.

Consider using rubber gloves for safety’s sake if you are cleaning large pieces of glassware, and be sure to clean the item very gently, as you don’t want to accidentally break or shatter it.

4. Clean and polish jewelry

Wearing jewelry every day leads to possible wear and can make the metal look dull, so knowing how to clean jewelry to maintain its shine is a good idea.

A magic eraser is ideal for this, as the abrasive surface of the eraser removes dirt without scratching delicate or sensitive surfaces like gold or silver. Used gently, it will remove tarnish and buildup without causing damage.

To do this, simply soak your Eraser in a little water and rub (very) delicately on your jewel in circular motions, until it shines again and the tarnish disappears. If you are unsure whether you need to manually clean more delicate jewelry, always exercise caution and take especially valuable items to a professional jewelry cleaner instead.

5. Clean the vinyl siding

You don’t have to buy a pressure washer or other expensive equipment to clean your home’s vinyl siding. When it comes to using a magic eraser on your siding, just take a wet eraser and rub it on the dirtier parts of your exterior walls – it’s especially good for mud or rain marks!

The eraser will remove dirt, pollen, watermarks and other grime, and even paint. For this reason, you should be careful when using a magic eraser on painted surfaces, for example walls. So while we recommend a magic eraser for vinyl siding, it is best to use it with extreme caution on interior walls, if at all.

6. Remove pet stains

If you are a cat or dog owner, you know how difficult it can be to remove pet stains. But a wet magic eraser is perfect for removing small marks and scuffs your pets leave on carpets or upholstery. It’s also good for removing dog slime and paw marks from windows.

Again, just apply some water and the magic eraser to the marks or stains, and rub until it is gone. It really is that easy!

7. Refresh white sneakers

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Yes, unfortunately even your best white sneakers can get stained and scratched. And it can often seem like nothing less than crisp white sneakers looks dull and dirty compared to your prettiest outfits.

But rather than throwing them away, just use your magic eraser to clean up the dirt and grass stains. Make sure to apply water. This technique works particularly well on plastic or rubber sneakers, but it is also good for material shoes.

Finally, if you don’t know how to use a magic eraser on a particular surface, or if you can even do it, be sure to always do a little spot test first.


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