How to Rotate Items in Rooms


In order to install so many wonderful decorations in each Bear and Breakfast room, players will need to be able to rotate objects.

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In the indie game Bear and breakfast, players will have to juggle managing multiple guest rooms. The main character, Hank the Bear, will need a lot of furniture, tons of rooms, and the room to store all those items in the rooms. A great way to change up a layout and fit more stuff into a smaller space is to rotate the furniture around in this relaxing space. animal crossing-like sim.

How to build a bedroom and furnish it in Bear and Breakfast

In order to even get to the furniture rotation point, players will need to create a room. This must be done at the start of a workbench game, but later Hank will unlock the ability to build from anywhere. This is also how players can remove parts in Bear and breakfast as well.


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  • Head to the workbench in the location.
  • To build a room, use the hammer icon on the wheel in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • Select the type of room to build from the menu.
  • Click and drag to create the part. While rooms should only be a minimum of 2×3, they will need to be much larger in order to accommodate any level 5 furniture players may want to use.
  • Add at least one bed; all other furniture is optional but will add to the comfort and decorative notes of each room.

How to Rotate Furniture in Bear and Breakfast

Players can rotate objects in any type of room, including bedrooms and bathrooms. Bear and breakfast. Once the room is created with the right size to fit whatever a player wants to add to it, they can select the backpack or inventory button in the workbench build wheel in the lower left corner.

Click on the object, then click on the location of the room where Hank wants to place this object.

If the item is not already selected, click it to select it when it is surrounded by the white outline. Sometimes, if there is a carpet under the item, it can be difficult to select it. If so, remove the carpet from the room first. Once the item is selected, it will turn blue, like this image:

Press the R button to rotate the item once. Furniture can only be rotated 90 degrees, so it will move up, down, left or right; players cannot place objects at an angle in this relaxing indie game.

If the Bear and breakfast the item is blue, it can be put down. If it is red, there is not enough room for this element in its current position or rotation. Click to place it.

Bear and breakfast is available for PC and is coming to Switch soon.

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