Houseplant care: the exact temperature you need to set your heating to for healthy plants


Could Keeping A Home Warm For You And Your Family Kill Your Indoor Plants? Loud heaters are luxurious during the cooler months of the year, but your houseplants need a few tweaks to help them adjust to winter. Here are the steps you can take immediately to help your houseplants survive the harsh winter months.

Now that the weather outside is chilly, with temperatures plummeting in the coming weeks, most of your outdoor plants will be dormant for the winter.

But that does mean you can focus your attention on your houseplants, and your indoor jungle will need a little more love and care during the colder months.

Not only will keeping your houseplants in pristine condition mean that every room will be illuminated by their flowers, it will ensure that they are all healthy and ready to go by the time spring arrives.

It’s going to be frosty outside, but what temperature does your home need to be for your indoor plants to be comfortable?

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So, you may need to rearrange your inner jungle to keep everyone healthy throughout the winter.

If you have cold spots in your home, such as on window sills or next to cool exterior walls, it’s a good idea to move your plants to a location where they could be a bit more comfortable.

Keeping the temperature in your home between 15 and 18 ° C should be perfect for your floral friends.

The most important thing is to protect your plants from dramatic fluctuations in temperature, which is why you want to keep them from getting too cold or too hot.

However, houseplants should be kept away from heat sources like radiators, wood stoves or fires, as this will cause them to overheat.

This is because central heating can damage your indoor plants.

Central heating dries up the air, which stresses your plants.

You can see when a plant suffers from dry air because the leaves start to shrivel and curl, as well as discolouration; turning yellow or brown.

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A humidifier can help save dry plants and is not at risk of overwatering – a leading cause of houseplant death during the winter.

If you don’t want to invest in a humidifier, you can take some of your tropical plants to the bathroom while you take a hot bath or shower.

It is not necessary to wash the plants – getting them wet will make them very unhappy.

Just let them sit on their side while you bathe, they will take advantage of the bathroom humidity while you lather up.

Leave the plants in the bathroom for a while so that they can enjoy the humidity after you have finished showering, then return them to their usual places.

Summary of tips for keeping houseplants comfortable all winter long

1 – Keep your plants away from drafts or cold spots
2 – Keep your plants away from heaters, heaters or fires
3 – make sure your plants stay moist
4 – Avoid overwatering your plants, limit them to a minimum or spray them instead of giving them a glass of water


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