Holiday 2021: 10 unique ideas for last-minute Christmas stockings


STATEN ISLAND, NY – Sometimes the best gifts are the smallest. The best retailers know that stocking stuffers are on everyone’s mind these days, so they have great deals on small gifts that will put a smile on your loved ones.

Starting with the most practical and working your way through the most whimsical, here’s a look at 10 little Christmas stockings that will be a big hit on Christmas morning:

1. Hats! Keep them warm with Nike hats – always a practical choice for stocking stuffers. the Nike ACG Beanie is available in black and olive / light army green. Its cuffed design gives you a nice and secure fit and is perfect for long winter hikes or the short commute from the gym to the car after a workout or a good workout. It has received a long list of five-star ratings on, and is a good deal at $ 30.

Want something a little more jazz for a woman in your life? Inspired by designer styles of the 90s, the Bob Nike Sportswear features a houndstooth jacquard fabric and a metal Swoosh graphic. It’s a chic look that she can pair with this season’s Icon Clash styles. At $ 28, it’s a good price for a washable, fashionable option that will blend with many styles.

– Hats, whether traditional or a little more jazzy, make great stocking stuffers. (Courtesy of Nike)Courtesy of Nike

2. Socks! When it comes to keeping your toes warm, has quite a few options to choose from, including the durable classic Nike Everyday Max padded socks. The thick terrycloth sole will keep them super comfortable during exercise and weight training, while the high friction threads in the sockliner reduce slippage. And the gray sole is perfect for hiding clothes if your loved one likes to walk around without shoes! Priced at just $ 20 for three pairs, they make a great Christmas stocking for the money.


Socks are great for stocking stuffers, whether they prefer the standard white or a more colorful option. (Courtesy of Nike)

Want a more colorful choice? Fill their stockings with a six pack Nike Everyday Quilted Socks, available in a blue patterned variety or in a multicolored pink set. They have chunky soles for comfort and a ribbed arch band to wrap around the midfoot for a supportive feel. And you get six pairs for just $ 20!

3. A shaker! Another new version that will look good in a stocking is the Nike 24 oz TR HyperCharge Shaker bottle. A built-in blender, it will evenly blend powders and supplements into one drink for a pre or post workout boost. Plus, the curved interior base makes cleaning easy, while the spout features a waterproof seal for peace of mind. Any athlete will appreciate a fresh new blender bottle, and this new design is priced at only $ 20 on


– Another new version that will fit well in a bottom is the Nike 24oz TR HyperCharge Shaker bottle. (Courtesy of Nike)Courtesy of Nike

4. Hair ties! Do you know a girl who likes to keep her hair out of the way during a run or a workout? You can’t go wrong with scrunchies! at durable and washable scrunchies available in black or ivory. Better quality than the pharmacy variety, it’s a good investment for just $ 10.


– Nike makes a variety of washable scrunchies. (Courtesy of Nike)Courtesy of Nike

Other great hair options can be found at, where you can get a pack of eight PRO hair elastic. It features an easy-release clasp for a secure hold without damaging the hair, and the unique round, flat design is popular because it “squeezes” the hair instead of tightening it like traditional rubber bands. Pretty cool. A neon-colored variety pack costs just $ 24 on


– The PRO hair clip has an easy-release clasp for a secure hold, without damaging the hair. (Courtesy of PRO)Courtesy of PRO

6. Lip balm! Everyone needs them when the cold winter air wicks moisture from your lips. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm Has A Holiday Care Gift Multipack, featuring four flavors of its original 100% natural strawberry, coconut, pear and vanilla bean beeswax. The pack is only $ 9.09 at


Burt’s Bees Lip Balm comes in a multipack in four flavors. (Courtesy of Burts Bees)Courtesy of Burts Bees

7. Facials! Your loved ones will surely appreciate the bestseller facial cleansing brush by Olay Regenerist. The facial scrub has two brush heads to increase the performance of cleansers and moisturizers. It is available on for less than $ 20.


Your loved ones will surely appreciate Olay Regenerist’s best-selling facial cleansing brush. (Courtesy of Olay Regenerist)Courtesy of Olay Regenerist

8. A spa experience! A shower spray set from Purenature is also a great choice. They allow you to create a spa steam experience in your own shower. You place an aromatherapy shower shelf in the corner of your shower and let the steam work its magic. They contain authentic essential oils to relax, invigorate and awaken the senses – and come in six unique scents, including lemon aroma, grapefruit blend and eucalyptus shower spray. There’s also a blend of sweet orange and peppermint, a combination of lavender and vanilla, and a lavender shower purifier. All is available on for $ 19.99.


Purenature steam showers allow you to create a spa steam experience in your own shower. (Courtesy of Purenature)Courtesy of Purenature

9. Portable speaker! Who couldn’t enjoy the convenience of portable music and hands-free calling on the go? The Lenrue A2 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker has a built-in microphone and hands-free calling, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones. It’s small and light, portable and reliable, measuring just 2.7 inches by 2.7 inches by 1.8 inches, and offers a range of 33 feet. The speaker only costs $ 15.99 on


The Lenrue A2 portable wireless bluetooth speaker has a built-in microphone and hands-free calling, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones. (Courtesy of Lenrue)Courtesy of Lenrue

10. Pot fun! For a bit of whimsy, how about a cool motion-activated nightlight to make nighttime bathroom trips a little less disruptive? ToiLight, the original toilet nightlight tech gadget will fill the bill. This fun novelty light easily attaches to a toilet bowl and illuminates it when approached. Kids love it and it’s great for older people too. Young adults will have fun there too. ToiLight has eight colors to choose from: blue, red, pink, green, baby blue, purple, yellow, white and color rotation (rainbow mode). It only lights up when it is dark and will never “blind” you with bright light. The ToiLight costs $ 14.99 on


ToiLight, the original toilet nightlight tech gadget easily attaches to a toilet bowl and turns it on when you get close. (Courtesy of ToiLight)Courtesy of ToiLight


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