Floating farm in New York put up for sale for $2.87 million: photos


Givone is currently using the property as a short term rental accommodation and photo studio.

The floating farm and its adjoining barn.

Gabriel Zimmer of CatskillImage

The house is located about two hours from New York and is available for rent, through Floating Farmhouse, a website dedicated to the house. Rates for overnight stays start from $1,560 per night for up to eight people, but prices get more expensive on weekends and holidays. Fishing and swimming are allowed in the stream which is stocked with trout.

In addition to overnight stays, he rents out the house to businesses that want to use it as a photography location, according to the Floating Farmhouse site. Prices for these are available on request.

The rental business has grown steadily since its inception in 2012 and has been steady for the past few years, he said.

However, Givone is now selling the house as he feels it is time to move on to his next project.

“Sharing the floating farm, and by extension my life’s work, with others in such an intimate way has been incredibly rewarding,” he said. “But deep down I am an artist, and an essential part of the creative process is letting go. Now is the time to lovingly pass it on to the next owner and create space for something new to emerge. “


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