Fiandre refined architectural surfaces for the iconic style of Villa Duna in Cannes


Villa Duna is a private residence of 600 square meters built in an elevated position in Cannes with a panoramic view of the sea and the fascinating French Riviera.

This very functional contemporary style villa is a true dream home, with spacious living areas and six bedrooms and full bathrooms as well as a series of wellness and relaxation facilities, such as an indoor swimming pool and hammam, a relaxation area fitness with a gym and an outdoor pool that frames and mirrors the volume of the house while extending out to the view.

The project was carried out by architects Marianne Préveteau + Victor Perez, with Benoit Sgarbi as a project manager, responsible for choosing to use refined surfaces of Fiandre architectural surfaces‘ Marmi Maximum collection for floors and furnishings. All the surface coverings have been made with the new innovative 300×150 cm format of Maximum Fiandre Extralite® colored tiles Calacatta Lamp, featuring subtle light gray veining, and Gray Pietra, a brownish slate shade with white veins, both with a glossy finish. The versatility of Fiandre materials allowed to underline and highlight the design solutions adopted by the architects, contributing to the elegance of the spaces and the refinement of the finishes. Examples include stairs with steps assembled on site at an angle of 45° in Glossy Pietra Gray and a bespoke kitchen island integrating Calacatta Light surfaces with a glossy finish, like a precious stone set in a simple space of iconic beauty. Other spaces like the indoor swimming pool aim to create the same timeless atmosphere. walls covered with Calacatta lampin the “matched», and the small waterfalls filling the swimming pool create striking reflections, emphasizing the timeless aspect of the marble. The rigor of the contemporary style of the villa, underlined and enhanced by the Fiandre surfaces, frames the beauty of the natural environment and dialogues with the enchanting views of the sea and the Côte d’Azur.


Project name: Villa Duna
Architects: Marianne Preveteau + Victor Perez, (project manager) Benoit Sgarbi
Location: Cannes, France
Photos: Luca Lumaca

Technical specifications:
Collection: Marmi Maximum – Fiandre Architectural Surfaces
Finish: Polished
Sizes: 300x150cm
Thickness: 6mm

Colors: Light Calacatta and Pietra Gray

Specifications on the surfaces used in the project:

_floor and wall coverings, bathroom shower trays
Calacatta Light polished, Marmi Maximum, 300×150 cm, thickness 6 mm
_swimming pool wall covering
Calacatta lamp “matching the book” polished, Marmi Maximum, 300×150 cm, thickness 6 mm
_furniture, bathroom furniture
Pietra gray polished, Marmi Maximum, 300×150 cm, thickness 6 mm
Pietra gray polished, Marmi Maximum, 300×150 cm, thickness 6 mm
_door panels
Pietra gray polished, Marmi Maximum, 300×150 cm, thickness 6 mm


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