Farley: $100,000 to replace hot tub is ‘fake news’ | Local News


The Tobago House of Assembly (THA) failed to spend $100,000 to replace a hot tub at the Chief Secretary’s official residence in Lowlands, Tobago.

He also didn’t cost the THA $5 million for a swimming pool at the residence and a million dollar driveway wasn’t built.

So said Chief Secretary Farley Augustine during yesterday’s sitting of the THA Legislative Assembly, in response to questions from THA Minority Leader Kelvon Morris.

Augustine noted that contrary to “fake news,” to date $212,319.39 has been spent on repairs to the official residence where he and his wife reside.

“This is well under a quarter of what is budgeted to deal with building repairs and maintenance as far as government quarters are concerned,” he said.

He noted that this fiscal year, $3.2 million has been allocated for such repairs.

Showing photographs, Augustine pointed to dilapidated parts of the official residence that had been urgently repaired or replaced, including rusting air conditioning units and a burglar-proof door; broken furniture, broken bathroom fixtures; a dirty pool with missing tiles and “burst” walls at the front of the building.

Augustine said the chairs in the living room which were “ragged, torn and splintered” also needed to be replaced and the dining room chair needed repair.

“I don’t know who resided here and what they were doing with the furniture, but here is the condition of the furniture we encountered there, all shattered, a sponge sticking out of the chair. I don’t know about you, Chairman, but where I live in Speyside my dad does upholstery and none of our furniture, poor as we are, looks like it,’ he said.

“I’d rather live in Speyside with decent furniture than live here, but in this case it’s government ward number 25. It doesn’t belong to Farley Chavez Augustine. It is owned by the people of Tobago and unfortunately like other government quarters they have not been properly maintained,” he added.

Augustine then gave a full breakdown of the money spent on the residency so far.

The “infamous” pool, he said, cost $17,160 to clean and have the tiles replaced, while the driveway liner cost $78,125.67.

“The replacement of the main tub, let me pause here so people know it wasn’t $100,000 as the Minority Leader’s friends tell you. The replacement and installation of the main tub totaled $12,370.52,” he added.

He said an additional $12,508.27 was spent to replace missing tiles in the master bathroom and the bed in the master bedroom was changed while the beds in the other rooms were fixed “…because I don’t not sleep on the same bed that the former chief secretary slept on. to”.

The chief secretary said rusting awnings, dilapidated sinks in the utility room and the perimeter fence still needed to be repaired.

He also said all security cameras at the official residence were down.


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