Faith City Mission launches “least of these” campaign for new shelter


Faith City Mission has announced its Least of These campaign to help fund and build a new women’s and children’s shelter on current church property.

The church launched its campaign last week and hopes to raise $975,000 to build the new facility and begin accepting women and children for the space by fall 2023.

According to Brad Tooley, chair of the Least of These campaign, the idea started less than a year ago and was born out of the community needing shelter last winter. The Women’s and Children’s Shelter will be built to complement the current location. Tooley said the campaign hopes the currently unnamed facility will be completed before winter hits next year and to help prevent the separation of families over the holiday season.

“Last winter was quite harsh. We had quite a bit of snow and blizzards, and we became aware of this problem through our involvement in the church and the need for shelter. So we prayed for the situation and brought in an architect who helped us create the plans for the new facility,” Tooley said.

Currently, the church has raised just over $70,000 for the campaign. The facility will consist of three distinct areas, including a unique female dormitory that can accommodate 10 people with a shared bathroom; and two family rooms, where mothers and their children can stay, each accommodating six people and including a personal bathroom in the room. The third area will include a multi-purpose hall to help accommodate the increased number of people attending the church for meals.

In 2021, the church served 3,800 meals for the month of June with an annual total of 48,000 meals served. For the month of June this year, the church served 5,100 meals and also saw an increase in the price of each meal. In 2020 the price of a meal was $1.65 now, with inflation a meal costs $1.93 and is expected to cost $2.25 by December of this year.

Faith City Mission recently launched its Least of These campaign to benefit a new shelter for women and children.  The facility will also be used to serve meals to those in need.  In 2021, the church served 3,800 meals for the month of June with an annual total of 48,000 meals served.

“We have seen that there are two issues here that we want to adapt to. The first is that we have more people that we need to feed. These people that we serve are the working poor and they just don’t have leeway to provide food in addition to gas and rent,” said Jena Taylor, director of Faith City Mission. “We step in with meals and clothing or any other way we can help and the multipurpose room will allow us this option. The second issue is that these women are so vulnerable on the streets, especially those with children, we want this to be built as quickly as possible. possible so that they have a place to spend the night or the time they need.”

In addition to providing three meals a day, six days a week to people in need, Faith City Mission provides clothing, furniture and household items, as well as transportation. The church also facilitates an overnight men’s shelter as well as a 12-month alcohol and drug addiction recovery program, a work program and a variety of social services.

“In the Bible it says ‘whatever you did for the least of these, you did for me’ and the name of this campaign comes from that verse,” Tooley said. “The idea is that we are the hands and feet of Christ and that’s just another part of our witnessing to who we are and to caring for the least of them.”

For more information or to donate, contact Faith City Mission at (806) 373-6402 or by dropping off or mailing your donation to the church located at 600 N. Taylor St.


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