Edwins Group to expand services to include non-profit daycare


CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute has announced plans to add another building to its Shaker Heights campus to serve as a nonprofit daycare center.

The two-story commercial building at 13017 Larchmere Boulevard was purchased and over $355,000 was raised for purchase, renovations and working capital.

The Edwins Family Center will be located near the institute, which serves as both a gourmet French cuisine restaurant and a culinary arts educational program that trains and employs formerly incarcerated men and women.

“We all know the importance of having safe, quality child care. At Edwins, it’s essential. Eighty percent of students who enroll in the institute and have children do not complete their education,” Chrostowski said.

Edwins worked with StartingPoint Consultants to prepare the plans for the space, which will include a daycare center with a new kitchen and bathroom, as well as a fenced-in outdoor play area.

On the second floor of the building, there will be a Case Management and Extended Services office for Family Center clients and students.

“Providing this service is our responsibility as we continue to close the recidivism gap and ensure our students have the support network needed for successful reintegration. Our goal is not just to break the cycle of incarceration, but to crush everything,” Chrostowski said.

The family center will be accessible to students during their class hours and by appointment only outside of these hours.

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