Deep cleansing of Diwali – a quick checklist


With Diwali comes the annual ritual of disinfecting and deep cleaning our homes. However, your basic cleaning ritual might not be enough for the changing needs of the environment we live in. If the deadly viruses around us have learned anything, disinfection should be as much of a goal in our regular cleaning, rather than just basic visible cleanliness. . Hence, it becomes necessary to know the correct way to clean and disinfect homes that lends itself to a responsible party.

As we plan to welcome Goddess Lakshmi by cleaning and decorating our living spaces upside down, we need to be aware of those corners which are prone to infection, disease and require our special attention.

The ITC Savlon R&D team, shares some tips to maximize hygiene and ensure a germ-free cleaning of this Diwali:

Clean your kitchen

As the excitement builds so that we can open our homes to guests and put the kitchen extra hours to prepare delicious meals, take a moment to consider a full kitchen sanitizer. Keep in mind that the myriad ways we use our home cooking carry the burden of germs that can cause infections.

A disinfection ritual will ensure that any risk of microbial contamination of your person or of the food being cooked will be eliminated. Whether it’s organizing shelves and jars, wiping down the dish cabinet, or cleaning the fridge, all you need is a sanitizer and all-round cleaner by your side. A readily available Spray & Wipe multi-purpose disinfectant cleaner makes cleaning easier with its dual cleaning and disinfecting action. The added characteristic of a citrus scent also helps keep the space fresh.

Refresh your bathroom

When we spruce up our homes around Diwali, we often forget to put our bathroom hygiene on the priority list. Bathrooms are breeding grounds for harmful germs and microorganisms. As we welcome our guests for a meeting or a card game, let’s also keep in mind that the bathrooms are the second most used space by the guests. It is therefore becoming crucial to effectively clean our toilets and keep them dry. Be sure to buy a multipurpose disinfectant to clean the floor, wipe down the sink and faucets, or other frequently touched areas. Add a scented candle from a fragrance diffuser with essential oil poured in to uplift the space and leave it with a fragrant scent.

Add style to your living room

We often indulge in renovating your living spaces right before Diwali, but there are other relatively smaller purchases that could help you get around a redesign. You can brighten up the living spaces with new curtains and brightly colored cushions giving a cozy look to your favorite sofa. Sometimes the purchase of new furniture, sofas, etc. is over budget, so treat yourself to fabric covers instead. They give your existing furniture a big facelift. You can also consider rearranging the placement of the furniture and adding new wall art. Simple additions like this often give the whole space a new look. As you move furniture or add new curtains, be sure to spray them regularly with a surface disinfectant spray as they don’t get washed as often. Spray surface disinfectant Spray after dusting to kill 99.9 percent of germs. It helps you, greets the guests, in a safe environment and a quick spray after the party is over, ensures that you and your family also stay protected.

Other tips

According to the WHO, if hand hygiene is performed correctly, it can be over 90% effective in preventing the spread of harmful germs and HAIs. So, let’s make sure to keep our hand hygiene at par by washing our hands regularly and wiping down the doorknobs, occasionally spraying playing cards or napkin holders with disinfectant.

While we are delighted to meet our friends, families this holiday season, we need to be careful when shaking hands, trading high-fives, etc. to control the transmission of germs. This can be done by replacing the towels with tissues in the guest bathroom so that two people do not use the same towel. Another way is to place hand sanitizer bottles that could be accessible to guests, allowing them to use it when needed.


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