Daily Tip: Three Bathroom Cleaning Tips You Must Try


The bathroom and the kitchen are the two main areas in a house which can get very dirty in a short period of time.

When you don’t live alone, the spaces in your home can get very messy in the blink of an eye if everyone doesn’t clean up after themselves as soon as they’ve messed up or used one of the common areas. to house it.

These helpful bathroom cleaning tips and advice will ensure a fresh and quick clean up of your messy bathroom without spending too much time cleaning it or too much money on products and supplies to clean it.

Chantel Mila took to TikTok to share bathroom cleaning tips that she thinks everyone should try.


Which one are you going to try? ???? #bathroom style #cleaning

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Home cleanser without exfoliation

Its first hack is a no-scrub cleaning detergent that’s made by mixing white vinegar, tea tree oil, and dish soap in a spray bottle.

This mixture can be sprayed directly onto surfaces and mirrors to easily remove old and stubborn dirt that you would typically need to scrub off.

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Unclog the drain with baking soda

Her next tip and trick is to unclog the bathroom drain with water and baking soda.

In the video, she throws a cup of baking soda directly over and down the drain, then slightly turns on the faucet to mix the baking soda with hot water to form a bubbly solution.

The mixture will loosen the drain which can be clogged with dirt and hair.

Shaving cream as a mirror cleanser

The last tip she shares is to use shaving cream to clean her bathroom mirror.

In the video, Chantel applies a generous amount of shaving cream to a cleaning cloth or rag, then rubs the rag containing the cream on the mirror in circular motions.

The shaving cream will remove all the dirt and stains on the bathroom mirror, and it will also create some kind of protection or barrier on the mirror to prevent any fogging of the hot water coming from the faucet, bathtub. or the shower.


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