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Very few are thrilled when they create demand for a product that is barely visible, that you cannot see. However, this is where Unidrain is different.

Creators of an almost “invisible” drain, the demand for this product has increased year after year, not only in commercial properties such as spas and hotels, but also in private residences. The desire for an elegant and elegant design in the bathroom continues to grow.

Image credit: Unidrain

Specialty drains are currently a sought-after item including bespoke, bespoke, extra-long, color-matched, or “invisible”. The Danish architects and designers behind Unidrain have always paid close attention to the small details of interior design and that devotion now extends to bathroom drains.

“Each element must play its role and work together; to adapt precisely, ”explained Kenneth Waaben, designer at Unidrain. “By maintaining the highest standards, this has allowed us to create a product that is both technical and elegant, which meets our client’s bathroom design desires. “

“Invisible” drains

One of the most popular specialty drains is the “invisible” drain. The concept is that one should not be able to see the drain in the swimming area; it should be hidden and if seen it will appear as a narrow groove in the ground. This “invisibility” is achieved by matching the tiles used on the bathroom floor.

The advantage of a specialized drain is that it can be adapted; they can be used on a variety of surfaces such as marble, with different frame solutions and can be created in extra long versions.

The dream bathroom comes true in Villa Østerbro

Trine and Claus moved from New York to Strandøre on Østerbro. They were completely renovating their home and a specially designed bathroom was at the top of the list. This is a perfect example of how a custom designer drain can be used to create a dream bathroom.

The couple knew what they wanted: a white tile floor resembling marble with two showers placed opposite each other. They explained in detail what they needed and how it should look good.

They wanted the tiles to appear unbroken; they needed a single long drain that not only fitted over both showers, but had to be “invisible”.

“It required a drainage solution, which had to be able to handle large amounts of water, be aesthetically appealing, and include the right tiles. Said design consultant Carsten Brandt

Unidrain was the only company able to provide a solution that united all three parts, a solution also offering the possibility of combining both technology and aesthetics. The couple was able to proceed with the bathroom of their dreams because Unidrain could deliver these custom-made specialized drains.

They provided a custom 1100 drain module, which is extra-long at just under 1.8 meters and adapts to the specific dimensions of the shower enclosure. It is a solution which is often chosen by project leaders, but which can also easily be used at home.

Elegance in design

In order to make the extra-long drain “invisible”, a built-in imitation marble porcelain tile was installed on top. The drain was nearly impossible to see as the tile matching meant it blended into the ground, with the added benefit of being easy to clean. The result was a sleek and stylish dream bathroom.

The (Modul 1100) is a flexible solution for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes, it can be customized as you can order floor drains that differ from standard sizes; allowing you to create an exclusive look. It is an option that more people are choosing. Custom drains are particularly suitable for institutions and large bathrooms as they can be custom made and custom Unidrain can be made to order in any size.

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Main image credit: Unidrain


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