Contemporary trends in bathroom design


Bathrooms are very personal spaces in a home and considerable thought is taken to ensure that they serve functional purposes and meet aesthetic goals during the design phase. As one of the most important rooms in a home, a bathroom should be practical and user-friendly, as well as attractive in design.

Here are some contemporary design trends you can consider for your next bathroom project.

Concrete basins

The concrete look introduces an all-natural, calming energy into the bathroom space. The Nood Co. range of concrete washbasins (stunning Scandinavian in its minimalist, organic and functional design) is the ideal candidate, especially if you like to play with colors. Go for pastel peach or musk for something a little more unconventional to suit a bathroom dressed in warm tones. For a more sophisticated space with cool tones, there’s mint or blues. Subdued hues will complement even the most neutral palette. When you want something this shiny but slightly more subtle, you can count on charcoal, ivory, and gray. Whatever color or shape you choose, a concrete sink is a complete luxury bespoke for a contemporary bathroom.

Black lights

Matte black faucets against a concrete surface provide a striking effect, while adding a chic, modern touch to the space, complementing the often neutral palette of contemporary bathrooms. Forget about traditional faucet materials such as chrome; black is the way to go when it comes to fixtures that add the wow factor to any bathroom space.

Black lights


Microcement has a major role to play in contemporary bathroom design. Benefits such as a seamless grout-free finish or direct application to existing surfaces make it a great option, especially during renovations. Microcements such as X-Bond can be used on walls, floors or ceilings – the material is much lighter and easier to maintain than normal concrete and looks just as good. Suitable for wet or dry areas, it is as practical for the bathroom as it is for any other room in the house. Microcement is also available in a wide range of colors to meet contemporary trends that are both minimalist and maximalist.


Backlit mirrors

A backlit mirror can really enhance a bathroom when done tastefully. Particularly sensational behind a circular or oblong mirror, the gently diffused light brings a modern touch without being too futuristic. A backlit mirror works especially well when paired with some of the other design ideas on this list, such as black faucets, oval-shaped concrete basins, or troweled microcement walls.

Backlit mirrors

Egg shaped baths

While the egg-shaped silhouette has been part of interior design for quite some time now, egg-shaped baths are considerably newer on the scene and very much in fashion right now. An egg-shaped tub introduces a sense of minimalist elegance inherent in simple curved shapes. It can become the hallmark of your bathroom in a bold color or blend into its surroundings for a soothing and seamless feel.

Egg shaped bath


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