Buckhead mid-century home full of creative touches


Jessica’s personal touches include her original artwork and custom designs featured throughout the home, as well as modern hardware on the cabinetry through her company Nest Studio. An impressive collection of his art amassed over the past decade from estate sales, local artists and online also dot the walls.

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Other creative surprises up her sleeve – much to the delight of her two children Lucy, 7, and Bryan, 10 – include a secret passage leading to Lucy’s bedroom, as well as custom beds and forts that Jessica built for their rooms.

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Her children even helped make some of the artwork in the house and were key decision makers in the design plans for their rooms. “I simulated what things might look like and gave them a few choices, then pinned wallpaper options for them to make selections,” Jessica explains. “I always try to design spaces suitable for families and children.”


Residents: Jessica and Scott Davis, their children Bryan and Lucy and their poodle Cheerio

Resident occupations: Jessica Davis (interior designer, founder of design company Atelier Davis and hardware company Nest Studio) and Scott Davis (management consultant at North Highland Group)

Location: Buckhead

Square feet: 3,000 square feet

Bedrooms/Baths: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

Year of construction: 1960

Year of purchase: 2018

Architectural style: mid century modern

Favorite architectural elements: The ceilings, from beams to whitewashed tongue-and-groove panels

Type of renovations: Complete overhaul of the kitchen, addition of a hallway to the children’s quarters and a new child’s bedroom, renovation of the guest bathroom, new floors, addition of windows

Cost of renovations: $175,000

Manufacturer: jerry cooper

Architect: David Obuchowski

Contractors: Randy Guyton of Guyton Design Homes

Favorite room: The kitchen

Favorite piece of furniture: The Nychair in the master bedroom

Favorite exterior feature: Definitely the hardscaping

Decoration tip: Don’t be afraid to mix colors and styles, especially when it comes to artwork. Artwork can be independent of the style of the interior, so you can use modern art in a traditional space or vice versa.

Resources: Furniture and decoration from Ikea, Chairish, Etsy, Target, Amazon, CB2, West Elm, Furbish Studio, Innovation Living, Hay; Dekton kitchen counters; kitchen appliances from AJ Madison; Velux kitchen skylight; lighting from Worley’s Lighting and Concept; Spoonflower wallpaper; hardware from Nest Studio.


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