Bobby Berk cautions against splurging on this bathroom essential


Home decorating always involves weighing where to spend and where to save. We’d love to have high-end versions of everything, but that’s just not realistic.

The best bath towels are an essential household accessory that brings an instant sense of luxury to the bathroom. But according to Bobby Berk, these are NOT things you should shell out on.

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Write on his Blog, Bobby describes bath towels as one of the areas where you can save money in your home. While some things are 100% worth the investment, like the best mattress or a high-quality living room rug, he argues that towels have been wrung out so much that it’s best to go for the budget versions.

Constant washing and drying can eventually leave towels tired and discolored, and if you don’t wash them properly, they can lose their absorbency. So, to keep all towels in good condition, it’s worth figuring out how to wash them for perfectly fluffy results. One key thing is to avoid using fabric softeners.

Bobby suggests going for a classic white cotton option, as they go with everything and won’t cost a lot of money. Interior designer and HGTV star Breegan jane sings the same hymn sheet: “White towels in a basket, always clean and ready to go will change your life,” she tells us. “I always tell customers, just get all the white towels. It will give you that crispy refreshment, ”adds Breegan.

Bobby Berk, Queer Eye star and interior designer

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In addition to going all white, Bobby recommends buying your white towels in bulk. “Consider filling up a tray to save even more,” he wrote, “and always have a clean towel handy.”

Real Homes editor-in-chief Annie Collyer disagrees with Bobby. “Owning fancy towels is a bit like owning high-quality kitchenware, in the way that guests are sure to notice if you’ve splurged or saved up,” she begins. “That’s not to say you should spend half your paycheck on new bath towels, but I’m saying you want something soft and fluffy. “

“Buying high quality towels isn’t always about spending a lot of money or splurging on something you’d rather not,” says Annie. “In fact, the towels I use at home are really inexpensive but super luxurious, and I constantly have guests asking me where they come from. They are the incredible DUSK Monaco Supreme Cotton Napkins. ‘

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Lucy Ackroyd, Head of Design at Christy, inventors of the towel as we know it today, echoes Annie. “Since towels are very effective bathroom accessories, this is exactly why you should invest in these accessories. The higher the quality of the towel, the longer it will last, which will save you money in the long run. ‘

“The most important factor for luxuriously soft towels is the yarn used and ideally you want high-quality cotton spun from long, silky fibers,” continues Lucy. This is why yarns like Egyptian cotton and Supima cotton are so sought after because they guarantee long fibers and therefore of high quality. ‘

Before adding a large set of napkins to your virtual basket, it is definitely worth thinking about what type of fabric you want. “If you prefer a plush feel, terry cotton is one of the softest and most absorbent weaves,” says Bobby.

If wet towels lying around are a real scarecrow for you, try something quick-drying, like a ribbed weave.


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