Best Bathroom Cleaning Products – Consumer Reports


All Purpose Cleaners

Liquid Pine-Sol Original was the only all-purpose cleaner in our tests that didn’t leave streaks on a mirrored surface, which should be your go-to bathroom cleaner. It was also very effective at removing soap scum and cleaning food stains more common in the kitchen. In our testing, three spray cleaners were also very effective at combating soap scum, but they all left marks on the mirror. They include well-known brands like Seventh Generation, Clorox, and Trader Joe’s. And if your grout is discolored, you better rely on a proven cleaner like Ajax or Comet than those grout cleaners as seen on TV. In our tests of the Groutinator and Grout Bully, both around $ 10, they were difficult to apply and neither lived up to their claims.

Vacuum cleaners

A cordless stick vacuum with wet and dry options seems like a good option for a bathroom floor. But in our vacuum tests of the Dyson Hard DC56 and Swiffer Sweeper / Vac, none of the hybrids sucked as well as the best hand or stick vacuums in our tests.

Instead, try one of our top three hand vacuums, which were all great for cleaning bare floors and getting into edges. They include the battery-powered Shark Pet Perfect II, $ 60, and the corded Eureka Easy Clean, $ 50, and Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, $ 35.

Our top stick vacuum, Dyson V6, $ 300, was excellent for cleaning carpets, pet hair, bare floors, and edges. But it might be a bit pricey for a dedicated bathroom vacuum. For that, try the Dirt Devil Accucharge BD20035RED, $ 70, which was very good on floors and bare edges and quite quiet.

Toilet paper

If you’re stocking up on toilet paper, you can’t go wrong with Walmart’s White Cloud Ultra Soft & Thick, which was our top scorer. It was excellent in terms of softness, toughness, and disintegration.


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