Bathroom layout: WC on the floor or on the wall?


Conventional floor-standing toilets are gradually being replaced by trendy wall-mounted toilets with a modern bathroom design. The basic difference between these two is that those which are fixed to the floor are bolted to the floor while those which are fixed to the wall are fixed to the wall and come with a concealed water tank. Before you buy a new toilet for your bathroom, here’s everything you need to know about both types.

Floor-mounted toilets are affordable and easy to repair. Photo credit: Olga Prava / Getty Images


Floor mounted ones are available as one piece where the cistern and bowl are merged into one piece and two piece where the bowl and tank parts are separated from each other. These are available in different designs and colors, but the most popular colors are ivory and white.


Floor-standing toilets are very affordable and their spare parts are readily available, making them easy to repair. In addition, these are more stable than those hanging on the wall because they are installed directly on the floor.


One of the biggest downsides is that it looks bulky and a small bathroom feels more cramped. Another disadvantage is that these toilets are not very easy to clean or maintain because some areas of the toilet like the junction between the toilet and the floor or the space between the toilet and the wall are difficult to access.


In a wall-mounted model, only the toilet bowl protrudes from the wall to give the bathroom a clean, uncluttered and uncluttered appearance. These include four components that include a wall-mounted cistern, a flush actuator that controls water flow, a toilet bowl, and a seat. Some varieties come with advanced features such as a dual flush tank and water saving button actuation. How? ‘Or’ What? These toilets include two buttons to flush less or more water so that the user can decide how much water to use.


A wall-mounted type is sleek, space-saving and is ideal for compact bathrooms as it offers more legroom. As the wall mounted one hangs above ground level, it creates a floating effect and gives the bathroom a spacious look. Another advantage is that the installation height of the wall can be adjusted according to the height of the user which makes it more ergonomic and comfortable to use. As the toilets do not touch the floor, the bathroom is not only easier to clean but also more hygienic.


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