Bathroom Design Trends That Will Help You Create a Self-Care Haven


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The bathroom is one of the most inhabited rooms in your home. Sure, it might not be where all the most exciting activities take place, but you’ll be spending at least a few minutes in this space every day – so you want to make that time as enjoyable as possible. To help you, we’ve put together a list of bathroom design tips and trends (including Japandi) that will help you create the room of your dreams.

Here’s what you need to know.

Bathroom design tips and trends people are loving right now

The Japandi aesthetic is still king

Image: onurdongel

Like Pinterest Trend Predictions for 2021 suggested, the blend of Japanese style and Scandinavian minimalism (Japandi) remains a popular style trend throughout the home. Between 2020 and 2021, Pinterest search interest for “Japandi” jumped 100%, and “minimalist bathroom design” saw its search interest increase 4x.

This means for your bathroom aesthetic that neutral tones and natural finishes (like stone and wood) are especially popular right now.

Make way for the ritual bath trend

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Image: runna10

Another popular trend on Pinterest is the “ritual bath,” inviting people to make their bathing experience a real event. The term “deep soaking bath” has seen a 145% jump in interest over the past year. We understand that not everyone has a bath, but the important point here is to pay attention to the details that make the bathroom feel like a self-care space for you.

The team at living room lover explores this idea, sharing that your bathroom should be an inviting space; one that calls people to sit down and relax. They suggest using things like wooden stools or a pouf to help create a luxurious setting.

It could also mean that you are using a lot of scented candles Where to use bath linen in soothing tones for you. Joshua Nunan, Home Buying Manager for THE ICONIC, shared with us via email that you can “create a ‘spa at home’ atmosphere by turning your bathroom into your personal sanctuary space. Think neutral earth tones, minimalist style and aromatherapy to enhance your daily dose of zen”.

If you are looking for specific parts, Nunan suggested: “this Ettitude Waffle Towel Set and Aura Home Waffle Bath Mat, SENSORI + Soy candle and the Endota essential oil burner to achieve a relaxing spa experience at home”. And if you want to elevate the experience further, “try an option like one of these Crosley Turntables”.

Use your mirrors wisely

Bathroom design, Japandi, bathroom designs, how to design a bathroom, bathroom design tips
Image: tulcarion

As salon enthusiasts and Three Birds Dream House share on their blog, mirrors are a great way to introduce consistency into your design. “There is something incredibly satisfying and calming about being in a space where shapes echo each other,” they write.

Choosing a mirror that matches the shape of your bathtub or sink is a subtle way to create a feeling of fluidity. You can even see that the mirror becomes the central piece your bathroom – much more than just a place to check if you have something stuck in your teeth.

Former competitors of The block, Josh and Jenna – who recently teamed up with Capture – also added that “Mirrors and white walls are great ways to reflect light around a space and make it appear larger.”

Mix your materials

Image: Ilija Erceg

If you’re diving into the Japandi trend mentioned above, chances are you’re looking for natural elements like wood. That doesn’t mean you can’t use harder finishing touches – like metal (bronze or gold) faucets and towel rack.

“For a well-balanced home, you need to combine hard and soft finishes”, Josh and Jenna Explain. Think ceramic vases to warm up the tiles in your bathroom, for example.

For those unsure where to start, Lounge Lovers suggests looking at bronze metals combined with shades of green as a great way to mix luxury with “a breath of fresh air.”

Other simple ways to add new textures and materials to space are stylish. bath mat, rug and cool shower curtains.

Cut the clutter

Image: Kaewta Suphan

The bathroom is often one of the most messy spaces in a home. Yes, you use a lot of different products here, but that doesn’t mean they all have to be visible. Toothbrushes and serums are helpful, but they shouldn’t get all over the place.

On this subject, Nunan said, “Get rid of the benchtop clutter with trays and holders which are not only functional but can act as complementary design features. Currently I love it Tray Greg Natale offer organization and style in one”.

Apartment Therapy shares that according to real estate agent Mihal Gartenberg, “Minimalist decor and a smaller clutter are a great way to make your bathroom look more expensive. It gives a feeling of space and cleanliness, which are great elements if you looking to give a different feel to your bathroom.

To start, go for the style, reusable bottles that match the aesthetics of your bathroom design (it’s also better for the environment) and display the items you personally love just as you would decorative pieces. Everything else should be tidied up as much as possible. And if you decide to introduce a little art in the bathroom, minimalist pieces will be the safest bet.

Now that you’re ready for bathroom design tips, check out our thread on how to spruce up your bedroom space here.


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