Bathroom design trends for 2021


The world’s leading HVAC + Water trade fair went digital this year. As ISH Digital 2021 focuses on smart home solutions for smart sanitation concepts, bathroom hygiene and behind-the-wall technology, we explore some of the current bathroom trends: toilets colorful, biophilic designs and environmentally friendly products.

In accordance with that of this year Digital ISH event, from March 22 to 26, innovative bathroom design concepts are on the radar. Making the interior of the bathroom as comfortable and hygienic as possible has been a must for some time now, and we are seeing more and more products launched that go beyond the usual standards.

Bathroom spaces are always going green with biophilic designs and eco-friendly products such as pieces from the Finnish eco-sanitary ware company Woodio, but they also see vibrant colors. However, Throne not only knows how to put color in the bathroom, but the company has equipped the toilet bowls with the latest air purification technology which gives a fresh and germ-free atmosphere.

Here are some of the top design trends for bathrooms and toilets in 2021.

Pops of Color and advanced air purification technology

More color will make its way into many bathroom spaces with toilet bowls getting coats of bold colors and the addition of artwork as well as complementary pieces that include cushions in bold shades of green. , yellow, pink, blue and many more. French start-up, Trone, which has already created a cult following among design aficionados and trendy establishments in Europe thanks to their first collection of innovative toilet bowls with transparent water tubes, will present in April 2021, a new collection of toilet bowls called Callipyge. The collection is a refreshing display of wall hung toilet bowls that come in new colors including green, pink, blue, black and cream.

Hygiene and cleanliness are always a priority for bathrooms and this year the bathrooms are getting more and more neat with cutting-edge technology that treats the air and cleanses the atmosphere installed in and around the room. ‘space. The Callipyge toilet bowls we featured here from Trone also have a technology that releases a 100% natural air that does not mask but eliminates odors. Without perfumes or chemicals, Trone’s Callipyge toilet bowls have integrated air purifiers that use the processes of diffusing active oxygen into the air, after passing it through a filter with bactericidal and fungicidal properties. and virucides. The air is thus purified naturally and in depth, in less than a minute. The ease of use and its ecological aspect and the absence of microparticles in the air make this cutting-edge air purification technology a trend to watch this year in many toilets.

Always greenery

We give space to our living rooms and fill the area with plants and there is no reason not to expand the space of our bathrooms and introduce more plants and greenery. To get more bathroom space, many adopt an open-plan layout, letting more light into the area. The addition of lush green plants to the area makes the bathroom space more welcoming and the addition of a combination of indoor species like pothos, orchids, aloe vera and many more. others will create a natural environment that restores a feeling of relaxation. Design and architecture firm Esrawe introduced plants to the bathroom of a cubic brick house they made for a family in Mexico called Casa Sierra Fiera, to bring the space to life. Australian bathroom design company Caroma have also introduced plants and greenery into their The Elvire bathroom collection which won the gold award at the recent Good Design Awards in Australia in 2020. The Elvire Collection sinks and faucet handles are made from locally grown and sustainably sourced Tasmanian Oak and Tasmanian Black Wood.

Gold award winning Elvire bathroom collection at the recent Good Design Awards in Australia in 2020. Courtesy of Caroma.

Durable pieces built with wood from the earth

Brick sinks and even wooden tubs are also all the rage this year, as durable, natural materials are still all the rage in bathrooms. At the end of last year, the best-selling tabletop model of Woodio Soft40 received a Special mention at the German Design Awards 2021 in the “Excellent Product Design – Eco Design” category.

The sinks and bathtubs from the Finnish eco-design and sanitary ware manufacturer Woodio will definitely be in fashion this year, as they are all made with 100% waterproof solid wood, which is durable and more impact resistant than ceramic materials, making them unbreakable in normal use.

“Woodio products have a significantly lower carbon footprint, throughout the product lifecycle, compared to similar ceramic bathroom fixtures. The products are disposable as energy waste, which means that the products can be burned as energy at the end of their life cycle ”, shared by Woodio on their site.

Woodio recently launched his latest bathroom collections called Heart and Northern Elements, all made with 100% aspen wood.

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