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If your spring to-do list includes a bathroom makeover, follow these design tips and tricks from interior designer Karen Gutierrez of Phoenix. Mackenzie Collar Interiors for a stress-free and super chic bathroom refresh.

1. Where should you spend and where is it better to save in a small bathroom?

First, it’s best to keep in mind that starting from scratch is different from remodeling in terms of investment. In the case of a bathroom that needs to be redone, the fewer structural changes, the better. Using existing piping will save a lot of time and money, as moving utilities such as toilets and bathtubs is no small task. Plus, you don’t have to buy a whole new toilet! Changing just the seat and lid is an easy way to give your bathroom decor a fresh new look, and it saves you having to have someone install it. In addition to that, focus on the floor, walls, color of cabinets, mirrors, light fixtures, fixtures and shower hardware, sink and accessories. Renovating or removing the bathtub is better and more modern than replacing it. If you choose to remove it, the shower area will be more spacious and allow you to add glass doors if you have the budget or shower curtains.

2. What should I spend money on for a bathroom remodel?

New walls: Bathroom walls can instantly set the style and mood of the space. If your bathroom wall is faded, perfect for an upgrade or has peeling, crusty wallpaper or oddly tinted staining, then it’s time to freshen up. These are quick and easy do-it-yourself solutions that anyone can do at home:

  • Smoothing out dated wall texture.
  • Installation of plank and batten.
  • Painting the walls a cool, light color will make the space look bigger.
  • Install contemporary wallpaper suitable for the bathroom.
  • Replace the tile in the shower area.

Update facilities and equipment: Bathroom accessories are small but mighty and can have an impact on any space. Replace an old sink faucet to give your bathroom an updated look in a few quick and economical steps.

New light: Lighting is essential in the bathroom. Since these are very humid areas, be sure to opt for a fixture that will not only brighten the space, but also help prevent mold and mildew. These are just a small detail that enhances the aesthetic – match them to the style of the bathroom by finding an accent color or finish option.

Changing or Personalization the vanity unit: A vanity is the most important piece of furniture in the bathroom and as such can be a great focal point. You can invest a little, find a nice retail part and replace it. Or you might even consider giving it some love by adding new paint and changing the hardware.

Replacement of mirrors: Updated mirrors are a crucial element, and even if they do not meet the functional needs, they are still very essential because they can serve as decoration and decoration in the bathroom. You can choose from many beautiful styles, framed or frameless, oval or rectangular, etc. Remember to have fun and stay open to whatever creativity you want for your space.

3. And how can I save money on a new bathroom?

Maintain bathroom size and layout: It’s not easy to extend a bathroom without having an expensive and time-consuming project. It’s not just about moving the plumbing pipes, but also the toilet or sewer drain pipe, which can cost you a lot of money. Avoid changing the actual layout and focus more on aesthetic changes.

Renovating bathroom elements instead of replacing them: You can revitalize your bathroom pieces simply by painting and refinishing them. For example, you can redo your bathtub with an attractive protective coating instead of replacing everything entirely. You can also paint your bathroom cabinet and add new hardware, rather than buying a whole new one.

Keep it simple: The best way to save on your bathroom renovation costs is to keep it simple. The worst mistakes people make happen when they go overboard with design and end up spending too much, or even worse – nothing gets done!

You don’t have to go crazy with flooring: Vinyl is the way to go for those looking to invest in a different type of flooring. The vinyl flooring industry has seen a recent influx of new and improved waterproof and affordable products.

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