Bathroom design ideas: what’s new right now?


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When it comes to home renovations that offer a good return on investment, bathrooms are at the top of the list. But you definitely don’t want to invest your money in upgrades that are already past their prime. So we got the job done and found the best bathroom trends that are making waves right now. Here are six hot bathroom design ideas to inspire you for your next bathroom update.

Bring darkness into the bathroom

black metal faucet in modern bathroom

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Black has returned. And this time it’s to give your old chrome and stainless steel fixtures a sleek new look. From faucets to door hardware, black is the new metal of choice for bathroom fixtures and accessories.

That doesn’t mean you have to replace everything in your bathroom with black. As with any trend, it’s about finding the balance. For example, try pairing a black framed mirror with a brass faucet or fixture. Or if it’s time to replace your old tub surround, why not go for a modern black metal shower enclosure instead?

Illuminated mirrors

led mirror in modern bathroom

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The key to designing a bathroom that is both functional and user-friendly is to start with a good mirror and good lighting. Updating the bathroom mirror is one of the fastest and easiest ways to give your bathroom a new look. So instead of going for a standard mirror, go for a modern LED-lit mirror.

Backlit mirrors add ambient lighting to the bathroom without creating any glare or reflections on the mirror. They can also function as a night light when dimmed and offer touchscreen technology that changes lighting with just a touch.

Colorful subway tile

turquoise subway tiles in the shower

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Traditional subway tiles are one of those must-haves that will never go out of style. But if you’ve been dreaming of something a little more vibrant than classic white, your wait is over. So instead, try a new take on that old favorite with some pretty new colors.

If your bathroom goals are soft and calming, go for soft hues like millennial pink or a pretty, pale blue. But if you want to add a bit of drama, try a rich shade like cranberry or kelly green. You can even get subway tiles with antique designs if you want a vintage or country look.

Improved toilets

smart toilet

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What could once seem like a luxury reserved for the most lavish homes, smart toilets and bidets are becoming a much-requested bathroom design feature. With a focus on germ reduction, hands-free features like self-closing lids and automatic flushing are the future of toilets. There’s even a new list of self-cleaning features that cleans the toilets with just the push of a button. If you really want to take your bathroom comfort to the next level, look for additional features like air purification, heated seats, and night lights.

Floating vanities

floating vanity in modern bathroom

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If you’re looking for an easy way to update your bathroom without having to redesign the entire floor plan, try taking your vanity to new heights. A wall-mounted bathroom vanity offers clean lines and a minimalist design and will bring a more modern look to your bathroom. Raising the vanity off the floor will also create the illusion of more space by increasing the visible floor space.

Stylish soaking tubs

stylish blue bathtub in the bathroom

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With the increase in personal care, a place to vent your problems is on almost every bathroom wish list. And as a result, the popularity of stylish bathtubs continues to soar. The style is of course not that new – a classic clawfoot tub is the original version of the deep soaking tub. But now they come in your choice of designs ranging from vintage to sleek and modern. If you really want to make a statement, choose a tub in a pretty color instead of your standard white.

A beautiful bathroom is like a private sanctuary where you can relax and focus on your care. Try one of these six beautiful bathroom design ideas to help you create the bathroom of your dreams.


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