Bathroom Design: Experts Find Ways To Design This Space On A Budget


Bathroom design | Choose the right sanitary

For bathroom sinks, a simple free-standing model or vanity unit is much cheaper than a vanity unit. By getting them from a local store or having them made cheaply, you can save money without compromising on appearance. Take inspiration from a variety of sources and create your own style with affordable pieces. Another way to make your bathroom more expensive is to replace faucets, towel rails, drawer handles, etc. obsolete by the latest models. These small changes can evoke a feeling of luxury through bathroom accessories.

Swapping out old plumbing fixtures for new ones can change the look of a space. Photo courtesy of Randhir Singh and the mold design studio

Bathroom design | Add color

Introducing bright colors to an otherwise monotonous white bathroom can give any bathroom a luxurious feel. The trick is to choose just one color and incorporate it throughout the bathroom in different ways: cabinets, drawers, shelves, decorations or even towels and rugs. “By introducing color into your bathroom, you can achieve a new look at a lower cost,” says architect Kunal Barve. “If you have a drywall or a dry area in the bathroom, it’s easier to play around with colorful wallpapers to add character.

Add a pop of color through walls, sinks or counters to add some sparkle. Photo Courtesy Akshat Jain and The Mold Design Studio

Bathroom design | Lights and mirror

An eclectic mirror can add the right amount of style to a bathroom. “To spruce up your bathroom, you can add a gorgeous antique or handcrafted mirror, or even go for a modern mirror with a metal design that can induce a glamor quotient,” says Barve. Going further, lighting can also be used strategically to create a designer look for the space. Rather than choosing a monotonous tube, install sconces on each side. Another lighting idea is to add pendant lights for a sophisticated look.

Adding the right mirror is crucial in creating a sophisticated look for the bathroom. Photo courtesy of DADA Partners


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