Bathroom cleaning: “deadly” mistake to avoid when cleaning limescale and mold in the bathroom


Cleaning tips are all the rage on social media, with white vinegar and baking soda recommended for removing stubborn buildup. However, before you rummage through your cupboards and start mixing ingredients, it’s essential not to mix bleach with certain products.

Although some people may consider adding a little bleach to their cleaning solution to give it an extra boost, this should be avoided.

There are several products which, when mixed with bleach, can not only be dangerous, but also “deadly”.

The topic appeared in a Reddit forum dedicated to “cleaning hacks”, where a user asked for advice on how to “clean a disgusting toilet that hasn’t been cleaned in several months”.

Although bleach is often an essential part of toilet cleaning, if you’re planning on using a “cleaning hack” it’s often best to put the bleach aside unless you’re using it alone. .

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A Reddit user named SamanthaC518 said, “Just make sure to mix bleach with anything that has ammonia in it.”

Another user added, “By the way, don’t mix bleach with any other cleaning product. Ammonia is terrible, but others can be bad.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) rreported a peak of 20% the number of calls to US poison control centers in early 2020 due to exposure to household cleaners.

Healthline experts warn that when it comes to cleaning stubborn areas, such as limescale or mold in the bathroom, “more is not always better”.

Health line explained: “Bleach and vinegar are common household cleaners used to disinfect surfaces, remove grime and get rid of stains.

“While many people have these two cleaners in their homes, mixing them is potentially dangerous and should be avoided.

“The type of bleach typically used for household cleaning is sodium hypochlorite diluted three to eight percent in water.

“Vinegar is a dilute form of acetic acid. When sodium hypochlorite is mixed with acetic acid or any other type of acid, it releases potentially deadly chlorine gas.”

The key to using bleach safely is to keep it simple. Generally, you don’t need to mix bleach with anything for cleaning.

However, experts from Water Quality and Health Council said: “An effective and inexpensive option for disinfecting surfaces is a simple solution of bleach and water.

“Most routine household disinfection can be done using a single teaspoon of bleach in a liter of water.”

When cleaning with bleach, it is important not to get any on your skin and to wear gloves when handling it.


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