Anthea Turner shares her tip for cleaning the bathroom using bleach tablets


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  • Anthea Turner has revealed the one thing she can’t stand to see in a bathroom: bottles of bleach. Instead, the TV presenter urged her fans to ditch the bottles and try the easy-to-store bleach tablets.

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    The former The Perfect Housewife presenter shared her new favorite product on Instagram. She prefers this method of keeping the toilet clean and keeping the bleach bottle out of sight.

    “A little Saturday morning cleaning going on here. Love those bleach lozenges I bought last week. And for a quick toilet refresh, they do the trick and are easy to store in the bathroom, ”she wrote.

    ‘As you know from #perfect housewife days I HATE seeing bottles of bleach next to the toilet “These are not ornaments, put them in a cupboard” 👍 Lecture on 💋💋💋💋 ‘.’

    When a fan asked what do you do if bleach bottles don’t fit in the closet, she suggested investing in bleach tablets.

    “Tables are the answer and I have a pretty cool brush, as you can see, a brush for guest mishaps. I have my cleaning stuff in a bucket that I walk around the house, burning calories along the way, ”explained the former Blue Peter presenter.

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    Anthea’s Choice Bleach Tablets are Sainsbury’s Citrus Bleach Tablets. Priced at £ 2 for a 40 bottle, they will easily fit into most bathroom cabinets or a cleaning cart.

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    When it comes to using the tablets, just put one in the toilet and “they’re sitting there melting, doing their job without spilling,” Anthea explains.

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    When it comes to keeping a home tidy and clean, Anthea Turner knows what she’s talking about. Before Ms. Hinch, the presenter was part of a first generation of cleaning celebrities, welcoming Anthea Turner: Perfect Housewife in 2006. So when it comes to cleaning tips, you can trust Anthea.

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    Are you going to take Anthea’s reprimands to heart and hide your bleach in the closet?


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