American-made Zephyr Land 2022 yacht hides untold features and capabilities


This is what you will witness today, Zephyr. The minds and hands behind this 45 foot (13.7 meter) luxury and style monstrosity? None other than Tiffin Motorhomes.

If you’ve never heard of Tiffin before, that’s fine. After all, that’s why self-evolution is there. Well, about Tiffin, what is there to say? This crew got its start in 1941 in Alabama as a supply company, with all the necessary goods to take care of your home, a sort of old Home Depot.

Then in 1972 Tiffin decided to jump on the motorhome bandwagon, and today that crew is still going strong, building motorhomes second to none in terms of luxury and price. In 2020, Tiffin Motorhomes joined forces with the Thor Industries group and seems to have secured its future for generations to come.

Now for the big deal ahead of us, Zephyr, a massive RV with so many features and capabilities that it would be crazy to try to go through them all. However, as light as I touch on the capabilities of this house, it will certainly be enough to pique your interest.

To start off and give you an idea of ​​how comfortable Zephyr is, I took a look at how much one of these puppies costs. Can you guess? Well, depending on what features are included and how deep your dealer’s pockets are, expect to pay at least $ 750,000 (around $ 667,000 at current exchange rates), and that’s for a lightly equipped version. You can easily find units priced at $ 850,000 (approx. € 756,000 at current exchange rates) and up.

Like most other Tiffin motorhomes, Zephyr is based on a PowerGlide chassis. It is a base designed and engineered by Tiffin for absolute comfort and towing power of up to 20,000 lbs (9,072 kg). Add a Cummins X15 605 HP engine with a peak torque of 1,950 lb-ft (2,644 Nm), and you should have no problem moving around GCWR of 74,000 lbs (33,565 kg).

ESC, ATC, collision mitigation, independent front suspension and two-stage compression engine brake are just a few of the other features that complete the chassis and its construction.

A one-piece molded fiberglass roof and front cap, formed insulation, and thermal and moisture barriers are installed on a predominantly aluminum frame, with wood in the floor. Tons of windows and exterior loading options line the exterior of the motorhome as well.

Now the sides of the Zephyr have two slides each and, once deployed, create an interior that gave me an unreal feel; it’s enormous! Check out the gallery to see what this means. There’s room to throw a Frisbee if you feel like it, maybe even a Cornhole game.

To make things easy to figure out, the back of the Zephyr is reserved for things like a washer and dryer, a separate toilet and shower and his and hers vanities, and closet space.

Next, a king-size bed with bedside tables and circulation space sits in front of a fireplace with a lift-up TV, the entertainment center. The entertainment center and vanities are installed on a slide, while the bedroom has its own slide. Believe it or not, this motorhome even includes another bathroom, this time only with a toilet and vanity unit, and installed before the bedroom so that guests don’t disturb the living areas.

The last two sliding doors house the massive kitchen and a modular air coil sofa bed. In contrast, the starboard slide houses the residential refrigerator, coffee center, workstation and another modular sofa bed with a flip-up TV hidden in the frame. There are also several options for creating an interior to suit your needs, so bring a few extra dollars.

Finally, it looks like Tiffin Motorhomes understands the importance of storage and has given Zephyr more storage options than I can count. Basically, any breakage of furniture means that another storage space has been created. It is the same for the exterior; it’s ragged with countless hatch covers. Storage in the basement offers up to 165 cubic feet (4.67 cubic meters) of space.

What mobile home would be complete without life support systems? Well, to make sure you have what you need to keep going on the road Zephyr comes complete with a water filter, solar prep and inverter, Onan generator, six batteries, and 90 gallons (409 liters) of water. ‘pure water.

This is just a taste of what Tiffin did with the Zephyr 2022. If you want to take this story even further, I invite you to do so because this puppy is quite exciting; just make sure you are ready with the money because this dream is not cheap.


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