Amazon Sale Deals Today: Top 8 Bath Salts for Instant Muscle Relief


Along with the best bath soaps and skin care products, you should also add the best bath salts to enhance your bathing experience. Epic sale deals on Amazon today on the 8 best bath salts are waiting for your presence. A bath is not just about cleansing your body and ridding it of dead skin cells, impurities and radicals. Rather, it’s a way to decompress your stress and clear your mind.

What are bath salts?

Bath salts are man-made chemicals to optimize the activity of the mind and central nervous system. They are also used to increase your body’s cellular function. These are usually cathinones, a class of drugs that are synthetic in nature. With immense power to fight muscle pain, it also paves the way for beatification. You can relax your stress and delusional feelings with the soothing experience of bath salts. It is recommended to take advantage of the benefits of bath salts once or two to three times a week to prevent dehydration of the skin.

Amazon Sale Deals Today on the 8 Best Bath Salts

If you bought the best bathroom accessories, make room for the best bath salts. Hope you enjoy a tasty and therapeutic experience saying goodbye to muscle pain!

1. Healthgenie 100% IP Grade 5kg Epsom Salt

Healthgenie 100% IP Grade Epsom Salt 5kg is a bath salt for instant muscle relief. It also relieves aches and detoxifies your skin as well as your hair. You can use this salt for several health and beautification benefits. It is known to relieve muscle cramps, ease stress, and help nerves function. Plus, it exfoliates dead skin, acts as a facial cleanser, and easily removes blackheads.

Price: Rs. 2499

Deal: Rs. 599

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2. Mamaearth Epsom Bath Salt

Mamaearth Epsom Bath Salt contains soothing magnesium and detoxifying sulfate for instant pain relief and relaxation. It not only reduces body pain, but also nourishes the skin. The therapeutic qualities of this bath salt trigger a process called reverse osmosis. It is a process that removes harmful toxins with the salt you add to your bath water. It cleans the pores, eliminates toxins and detoxifies the skin in depth. Mix this bath salt with your shower gel to create your own body scrub.


Price: Rs. 399

Deal: Rs. 358

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3. Soulflower Epsom Bath Salts Lavender, Rose Geranium, and Himalayan Pink Rock

This combo of 3 Epsom bath salts has a soothing aroma that you should indulge in while bathing. The lavender scent of the bath salt relaxes sore muscles in no time. It helps control acne and relax your mind. Rose Geranium comes with a refreshing aroma which is more prone to hydrating, cleansing and detoxifying your body. Finally, Himalayan pink rock softens your skin and is perfect for the foot and body spa.


Price: Rs. 1350

Deal: Rs. 999

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4. Nyassa French Lavender Bath Salt

Nyassa French Lavender Bath Salt is enriched with the benefits of lavender essential oil, sea salt and Epsom salt for effective relaxation. It is a paraben and cruelty free product that will perfectly rejuvenate your skin. The floral scent uplifts your body and relieves muscle pain and stress.


Price: Rs. 400

Deal: Rs. 305

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5. THE LOVE CO. Lavender bath salt

This bath salt is infused with the richness of lavender. The floral scent of salt when mixed with bath water will instantly hit your mind and calm your wonderful thoughts. Besides calming your mind, it also has the power to soothe your body and promote restful sleep.


Price: Rs. 499

Deal: Rs. 426

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6. Kimirica Luxury Bath and Body Care Kit

Kimirica Luxury Bath and Body Care Kit is all about the benefits of jasmine. This bath and body care kit contains jasmine infused hand cream, body wash, bath bar, body lotion and bath salt. It’s a unisex kit with a mind-blowing scent that just can’t resist inhaling any more. It is a luxury kit that will not only help you cleanse your body, but also relax body acnes. On the other hand, the packaging of this kit has captivated everyone’s eyes. The majority of consumers gave this care kit 5 stars.


Price: Rs. 1249

Deal: Rs. 1120

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7. Body Cupid Aqua Wave Bath Salt

Body Cupid Aqua Wave Bath Salt is infused with the purest form of peppermint essential oil. It is also enriched with real mint leaves and sweet almond oil which completely detoxifies and rejuvenates your body. It has a refreshing mint scent that soothes the mind and leaves you feeling revitalized.


Price: Rs. 399

Deal: Rs. 324

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8. Urbanorganics Epsom Bath Salt

Urbanorganics Epsom Bath Salt is widely used to treat foot pain. Add Epsom Salt Bath Salt to a foot bath to soothe tired, sore, itchy feet while killing bacteria and fungus. It leaves your feet soft, clean and completely rejuvenated. You can also add any essential oil to the water to enhance your bathing experience.


Price: Rs. 799

Deal: Rs. 284

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It’s a great way to relax tired muscles and reduce muscle swelling, itching and rashes. Amazon Sale Deals brings you lightning deals on these bath essentials today.

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