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With Outdoor, private well-being is immersed in nature, in the open air, without compromising on design and technology. Privileged moments of well-being in close contact with the outside environment, to fully experience the sensations that only an outdoor space can provide.

Image credit: Gessi

The shower columns of the Gessi Outdoor Wellness System have been specially designed for outdoor spaces. They offer innovative combinations of materials, finishes and processes, with the aim of recreating the stylistic and functional coziness of the Gessi Private Wellness System in the open air.

The refined and delicate lines of the collection blend naturally into the landscape, creating a continuum and a harmonious fusion between the indoor and outdoor environment.

Outdoor aspires to be a project capable of conveying Gessi’s design idea, the aesthetic research of a product and the attention to detail to the open air.

Image credit: Gessi

A product that stands out for its captivating and strong personality, for its iconic and at the same time discreet shapes. Qualities that make Gessi Outdoor Wellness transversal designs, able to adapt perfectly and naturally to the surrounding environment. The collection is also distinguished by its two different aesthetics, G01 and G02, and the choice of six finishes and textures.

Elegant, modern and sophisticated in appearance, Gessi G01 and Gessi G02 give rooms a clean and contemporary style. G01 conquers thanks to its slender, tubular and essential design, giving a special atmosphere to terraces, gardens and swimming pools.

OUTDOOR_G01_privatevilla_ambienteGessi Outdoor G02 presents itself with a remarkable line and a minimal and essential look, sometimes almost schematic. The geometric structure characterized by a rectangular section steel tube features an adjustable shower head equipped with special screws for a rich rain spray.

The shower head of the two lines is available with a smooth surface treatment or in 4 different textured patterns (Trame, Intreccio, Cesello, Meccanica), while the vertical tubular body is equipped with elegant tone-on-tone controls or in a finish contrasting, available smooth or knurled.

The Outdoor collection adapts perfectly to different environments and styles: from tropical swimming pools to Japanese onsen and modern urban penthouses. A design product that combines contrasting and at the same time complementary philosophies of life, where the sole objective is to give emotions with an emphasis on the person and, therefore, the time he devotes himself, so that each moment is a precious and exclusive moment.

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Main image credit: Gessi


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