All the clever ways to use a bar of soap around your home

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Once considered a non-negotiable staple, the humble bar of soap has had a rough few decades. Now it’s not given that you will find bars of soap next to every sink and inside every bathtub in the house, because many people prefer liquid varieties. (One of the reasons for this, according to a 2016 survey, is that 48% of American consumers believe that bar soaps are covered in germs after use.)

But regardless of your personal soap preferences, you might want to consider buying bar soap just for various household tasks, many of which don’t involve any type of cleaning. Here are some of the clever ways to use a bar of soap in your home.

Make it easier to open and close drawers

If one of drawers around your home (in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office, etc.) stick a little when you open and close them, rub a bar of soap (dry) on their sides and bottom rails. It works especially well with drawers and wooden furniture.

Use it as a pincushion

When sewing something by hand, use a bar of soap like a cushion. Not only will the needles and pins always be close at hand, they’ll glide through the fabric when you’re ready to use them.

Prevent pets from chewing on furniture

As it turns out, animals that chew or gnaw (like puppies or rabbits) don’t like the taste of soap. So to keep them from chewing up the bottom of your new sofa, scrub the edges and legs with some dry bar soap. They will get upset and move on.

Repair a hard lock

For locks that are stiff or tend to stick, rub your key on a bar of dry soap, then unlock/relock it several times until it opens smoothly.

Stop a squeaky hinge

Dampen a bar of soap, wedge it between the door frame and squeaky hinge, and move the door back and forth. You can also rub dry soap directly on the hinge.

Stop creaky floors

Use the same tactic described above, except this time work the moistened bar of soap into the cracks between the squeaky floor.

Get a ring on one finger

To delete a ring stuck on someone’s finger, rub most of the ring (and the skin around it) with a bar of dry soap, then have them wash their hands.


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