8 Products Under Rs 1500 To Give Your Home A Festive Upgrade This Diwali


Diwali is less than 10 days away and every Indian household should be filled with joyous chaos to prepare for its individual traditions. While mithais, outfits, and jewelry are a part of it, setting up your home for the festival is also essential. Here are some affordable products that will enhance your home and add a festive vibe.


Indulge in luxurious aromatherapy at home that will rejuvenate your senses with this cool mist humidifier. It is super compact, which makes it easy to carry and can be used in any part of the house. It has an LED light inside and can also be used as a night light. This humidifier will purify the air and reduce bacteria and peculiar odors.

Price: Rs. 1499

Sale price: Rs. 729

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All weather duvet

Have you ever felt too cold with the air conditioning on and too hot with the air conditioning off and you just can’t seem to find a happy medium? We’ve found the perfect solution to your problems with this soft, comfortable and lightweight reversible double duvet that feels like a warm hug on a cold evening. It will give you a rich and luxurious feeling and protect you from allergens. Now you can snuggle up in this cozy duvet and enjoy a good night’s sleep.


Price: Rs. 2400

Sale Price: Rs. 1444

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Add a festive vibe to your surroundings by installing this wallpaper which looks extremely majestic and will make you feel like you are living in a castle. This damask floral pattern pvc decorative wallpaper is ideal for decorating the walls of bedroom, living room, hall, kitchen, bathroom, etc. It is removable, waterproof, heat resistant, oil resistant, repositionable and environmentally friendly.


Price: Rs. 1499

Sale price: Rs. 168

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Bathroom accessories set

Today’s times force us to wash our hands all the time. Even when guests arrive, we should immediately ask them to wash their hands. This ceramic hand basin set will completely enhance the look of your bathroom and help you make a good impression. The set includes a liquid soap dispenser, a soap dish and a toothbrush holder that will enhance the decor of your bathroom.


Price: Rs. 1999

Sale price: Rs. 999

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Reed diffuser

This tropical peach scented reed diffuser will make sure your bathroom always smells great. It is made with the best essential oil inspired by natural flowers and plants like orange, pineapple, rosewood and vanilla. It diffuses a natural and captivating aroma. It provides aromatherapy, creates mood, improves atmosphere and relieves stress.


Price: Rs. 250

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Pots of gold

These jars are delivered in sets of 12 and will greatly beautify your kitchen for the holiday season. They come with an airtight cap and can be used in the microwave. It is ideal for storing all your diwali snacks and ensuring it stays fresh throughout the festival. The mouth of this jar is wide, so it is easy to use when cleaning, storing or taking the goods out of this jar.


Price: Rs. 1099

Sale price: Rs. 425

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Refrigerator Planter

If you like unique decor then you will love this planter. This unique magnetic plant holder sticks to the sides or door of a refrigerator. Now you can glue a pot of live plant on your fridge with other magnets. Sturdy magnets and premium ceramics are used to handcraft this hand painted magnetic planter. Enjoy the whiff of greenery wherever you want.


Price: Rs. 934

Sell ​​price: 534

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Moroccan Ceiling Lamp

This Moroccan ceiling light will cast beautiful shadows all over your living room and enhance the festive quotient of the house. With an antique copper finish and a sphere shape, it gives a unique style to your home. When switched off, the lampshade and socket of the lamp are intriguing with their simplicity, while at night, when switched on, the lamp projects a delicate pattern onto its surroundings.


Price: Rs. 2500

Selling price: Rs. 1080

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